glutenfree rhubarb-strawberry tart with almond pudding and licorice powder

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

last weekend we were already lucky enough to have cake and coffee in the garden. it was the first time this year - always a special moment i think! the sun was shining and you could see all the beautiful apple and cherry blossoms on the trees. so beautiful!! 
nora made this delicious glutenfree rhubarb-strawberry tart and together with our best friend ezgi we enjoyed it on a lovely spring day. of course i couldn't resist taking some pictures from this beautiful set up. and for everyone who saw the preview pic on instagram already:  i didn´t climed up a tree to get the picture from above :D there is a huge scaffold on the old barn in our garden at the moment, so that`s the secret. but i guess i would have even climbed up a tree if it would have been necessary. we are often making the craziest moves during a shoot.
speaking of which - if you wanna see some behind the scenes shots and videos from our shootings, you can follow us on snapchat now. our username is: ourfoodstories  we just started, so let´s see how it workes out. 
and now we gonna have the last pieces of the tart for breakfast. 
nora made it already the second time now - so bon appétit!

ingredients (for a 24cm-ø tarte-tin)
210g rice flour
130g cold butter
110g sugar
1/3 tsp salt
1/2 tsp tartar baking powder
1 egg (size m)
almond pudding:
25g vanilla pudding powder
330ml almond milk
25g sugar
125g peeled rhubarb
100g strawberry
coconut flakes
a dash of licorice

knead rice flour, butter, sugar and salt with your hands or a dough hook.  
weigh the dough and separate 100g for the crumbs and set aside. 
knead in the baking powder in the remaining pastry, the the egg. leave both pastries for 1hour in the fridge.
after 1 hour prepare the pudding as explained on the packing instructions - let cool off until you pre-baked the pastry (will take about 20min). preheat oven to 180degrees celsius top/bottom heat. 
butter and flour tart tin. roll out the pastry for the bottom between 2 layers of floured clingfilm. take off the top layer of clingfilm and flip the pastry carefully uspside down onto the tart tin. press the pastry on the tin and prick the pastry severaltimes with a fork. bake the tart for 15min blind (line the crust with parchment paper and fill with pastry- or pie-weights - you can also use unboiled rice). in the meantime wash and clean the rhubarb and strawberries - and cut them into cubes. then take off the crust from the oven for a short while, remove the parchment paper and pastry-weights and spread first almond pudding on the crust, then the fruits - press them slighly on the pudding. now take the pastry for the crumbs off the fridge, crumble it with your fingers a bit and spread on the fruits. bake the tart for another 30min, then let it cool off for 1-2hours, so the almond pudding turns firms. sprinkle coconut flakes and a bit licorice powder on the top. bon appétit!

german translation
letztes wochenende hatten wir das glück mit kaffee und kuchen schon im garten sitzten zu können. es war das erste mal in diesem jahr, immer ein besonderer moment finde ich! die sonne hat geschien und wir waren umgeben von wunderschönen apfel- und kirschblüten. was will man mehr.
nora hat diese köstliche rhabarber-erdbeer-tarte gebacken und zusammen mit unserer besten freundin ezgi haben wir sie an diesem schönen frühlingstag genossen. bei dieser wunderschönen szenerie konnte ich mich natürlich nicht zurückhalten und habe ein bisschen fotografiert. und an alle, die schon die schon die kleine vorschau auf instagram gesehen haben: ich bin nicht auf einen baum geklettert um das Foto von oben zu schießen :D wir haben gerade ein riesengerüst an der scheune in unserem garten, das ist das geheimnis. aber ich würde wahrscheinlich sogar einen baum hochklettern, wenn es nötig wäre. wir machen oft wirklich die größten verrenkungen während eines shootings.
übrigens - wenn ihr ein paar behind-the-scenes-fotos und videos von unseren shootings sehen möchtet, könnt ihr uns ab jetzt auch auf snapchat folgen. unser username ist: ourfoodstories  
und jetzt futtern wir das letzte stück der leckeren tart zum frühstück. nora hat sie nämlich schon zum zweiten mal gebacken, also bon appétit!

zutaten (für eine 24cm-ø tarteform)
210g reismehl
130g kalte butter
110g zucker
1/3 tl salz
1/2 tl weinsteinbackpulver
1 ei (größe m)
25g vanille-puddingpulver
330ml mandelmilch
25g zucker
125g geschälter rhabarber 
100g erdbeeren
etwas lakritzpulver

reismehl, butter, zucker, und salz mit den händen oder knethaken verkneten. teig wiegen und 100g des teigs für die streuseln abnehmen und beiseite stellen. in die übrigen teig 1/2 tl backpulver einarbeiten, dann das ei. beide teige für 1h in den kühlschrank stellen. 
nach einer stunde den pudding siehe packungsanleitung zubereiten und stehen lassen bis der teig vorgebacken ist (zubereitungsdauer ca. 20min). ofen auf 180grad ober-/unterhitze vorheizen.
tarteform buttern und mehlen. den teig zwischen zwei lagen bemehlter frischhaltefolie ausrollen, obere frischhaltefolie abziehen und vorsichtig kopfüber auf die tarteform stürzen und andrücken. mit einer gabel mehrmals in den teigboden stechen und für 15min blind vorbacken (d.h. eine lage backpapier auf den teig legen und mit getrockneten hülsenfrüchten oder reis beschweren). zwischenzeitlich den rhabarber und die erdbeeren waschen und putzen und in würfel schneiden. anschliessend tarteboden kurz aus dem ofen nehmen, den pudding auf der tarte verteilen, dann den rhabarber-und die erdbeerstückchen leicht in den pudding drücken. den streuselteig mit den händen etwas zerbröseln und auf den früchten verteilen. tarte für 30min fertig backen. dann mindestens 1-2h gut auskühlen lassen, damit der pudding fest wird. die tarte mit kokosflocken und lakritzpulver bestreuen.

Dinner-Stories: with Signe Bay

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

sometimes you just need to escape, leave everything behind and take a break no matter how much other things and how much work is waiting for you. this is exactly what we did last week. we just went to our favorite city copenhagen and were really enjoying some calm and sunny days, took so many walks, drove to the sea, met lovely nana hagel and spent a beautiful day at our friend signe bay´s house.
we know signe through instagram (check out her gorgeous account, she is one of our favorite photographers for sure!) and already met her during our last trip to copenhagen. 
together with her two children signe lives in the most charming house. the light in every room is simply stunning and on the backside of the house is a enchanted little garden. i have no idea how we could forget to take pictures of the cute little baby rabbits that signe has, but i just have to mention this..they are just one month old now and it was so adorable that we could watch them from the kitchen while we were shooting.
so if you have a look at signes instagram account, you can see, that she is also baking a lot of glutenfree stuff, for example her so deliciously looking pancakes. but as we met for lunch we made these very tasty glutenfree green asparagus-goat cheese tarts. now that i´m writing this, i wish i could have them immediately again, i´m so sure you will love them guys! a huge thank you to signe for this lovely lunch, we will come back, that´s for sure :)

glutenfree macadamia - ginger - apricot swiss roll with coconut flakes

Sonntag, 5. April 2015

today it´s time for the last recipe, that we made for freunde von freunden's afternoon tea series.
we made our first swiss roll last spring and since then, we totally forgot to make it again. i have no idea how that could happen, isn´t a swiss roll just simply delicious?! anyways, so here is finally a new swiss roll recipe - this time with apricot jelly, ginger, macadamia-cream and coconut flakes. i think this is one of those recipes were you just can´t believe that you are eating a glutenfree cake. i have this a lot of times when i eat nora's recipes, i always can´t believe, that i almost missed 3 years of eating cake, just because i thought it wouldn´t be possible to make a good glutenfree version. now i'm more than happy, that nora shows me that it works perfectly each time again and again and i'm sure you will love this cake as well! 
we hope you have a lovely easter weekend guys - we are going back to enjoy the sun in the garden now with a big piece of swiss roll :)

glutenfree banana-cherry-muffins with cherry-frosting

Sonntag, 29. März 2015

today we share the third recipe with you, that we made for "freunde von freunden".
and this time there is also a rare picture from both of us - our dear friend ezgi polat captured us during the shooting, many thanks for that! you might have already noticed, that we love banana bread (have a look at our vanilla banana bread with dates or our banana bread with cranberries and dried pomgranate seeds), but this time we thought we should give it a try with banana muffins. and actually they are already pretty delicious without the frosting, that´s why we just call them muffins and not cupcakes. but if you put the frosting on top they are even a little bit more delicious (cherry and banana, that´s just the best classic combination, isn´t it?). so call them whatever you like, eat them with or without frosting, but just give it a try, it´s totally worth it.
we hope you enjoy them as much as we do and have a lovely day guys!

glutenfree goatcheese quiche with cherry tomatoes - a recipe from the new book "picknick"

Sonntag, 22. März 2015

a few days ago we had the new book "picknick" - a book from talented german food bloggers with nice ideas for a picnic - in our mailbox. what a lovely surprise, thank you!
we love picnics during spring or summertime, do you remember this post, that we made for sunday suppers? anyways, this time it was a little bit to cold (and way to rainy and grey yesterday!) for a picnic, but still we really wanted to try one of the recipes. so we started with this delicious goat-cheese quiche with cherry tomatoes (in a glutenfree version), which is a recipe from dani. have a look at her beautiful blog here.
and what can i say, it really was delicious! and we were even lucky enough, that the little quiches were still warm after the shooting :D but let´s talk about the book again. "picknick" shows you lot's of different ideas, how to create a beautiful picnic outside. it starts with a picnic at the beach with rikke from lykkelig, then there is susannes picnic with a caribean summer theme, the next one is a midsummer picnic in a lovely park, made by jessi from törtchenzeit, followed by liz & jewels picnic with a special circus theme and last but not least dani's picnic at the lake. sounds really good right?!
now we really can't wait for summertime, but anyways, at least the sun is shining today. we hope you have a lovely sunday guys!

glutenfree ginger & cardamom waffles

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

together with other german bloggers we got asked by pinterest, if we want to create a breakfast-pinboard and also to prepare a blogpost to spread the breakfast-love. nothing easier than that - we love breakfast  and i guess every reader of this blog have seen our favorite banana pancakes a thousand times on our instagram account now, just because we never get tired to eat them! and of course we also love pinning! So much beautiful inspirations over there. so this collaboration seemed like the perfect combination. but this time we wanted to try something different than pancakes. you might not believe it, but we haven't eaten waffles in almost 2 years now!! so i think it was really about time to give it a try. and i have no idea why we waited for so long...these glutenfree ginger and cardamom waffles are so delicious! the berry-sauce on top is made of last years summer berries from the garden, that we found left in the freezer. i never had the combination of cherries and currents before and i really have to say we are a little bit addicted right now and eat it with almost everything...waffles, porridge, pancakes, so much possibilities! if you are looking for more breakfast inspirations have a look at our breakfast-pinboard here and also at all the other suggested breakfast-boards here
also: have you noticed our new tableware and cutlery? broste copenhagen sent us a big package with all these beautiful plates from their new series 'nordic sand' and the golden cutlery you can see in the pictures. we are so in love and use it almost every day at the moment. definitely gonna show you guys more soon! 

glutenfree poppyseed-zucchini cake with lemoncurd

Sonntag, 15. März 2015

today we show you the second recipe that we made for freunde von freunden's new series fvf cooks. we are really in love with vegetables in cake, like for example in our beetroot cake or our carrot cake recipe. this time we wanted to try something new and immediately thought of zucchini. we have a huge addiction for zucchinis and eat them at least 3 times a week, so why not make a zucchini cake?! i love the combination with lemon curd, poppyseeds and zucchini but even if you eat the baked dough only by itself it already tastes delicious. we might even make many more different recipes with this dough. I can totally imagine it during summertime with berries or cherries or actually also with figs. so many possibilities. so give it a try guys, i'm pretty sure you will like this cake as well. and have a look at the freunden von freunden homepage if you want to see some more pics. happy sunday!

glutenfree cheesecake with goat quark, berry jelly and meringue

Sonntag, 8. März 2015

after almost two weeks of absence - because there was just way to much work - we are finally back! 
and we have good news: for the next 4 weeks we gonna share a delicious baking recipe each sunday! yay!!
when robbie lawrence  asked us, if we want to take part in the new fvf cook series and wanted to know, what kind of recipes we would like to prepare, we immediately thought of different glutenfree cake recipes. as we have a big passion for cakes and all kind of sweet recipes i´m really looking forward to the next sundays already and to all that delicious cakes!
have a look at the freunden von freunden homepage for more pictures and impressions.
and before we speak about this crazy delicious cheesecake - there is a homestory about our berlin flat at steffi's lovely blog, so have a look there too, if you are interested. it looks completely different than our house in the countryside, where we photograph all the pictures for our blog, but well, you might have noticed already, that we have a passion for scandinavian design as well.
anyways, let's get back to the cake topic. i don't know how many times i have said this already now, when nora comes up with a new recipe, but seriously: this is my favorite new cake!! the original recipe is from nora's mother, who is a really great cook and baker. i'm always more than happy, when we are invited at her parents home and when her mother is cooking or baking something. such a pleasure. 
even if the original cheesecake recipe is very delicious already, nora changed it a little bit. first of all we made a glutenfree version of course, secondly we exchanged the cow quark with goat quark, which makes the cake less sweet. also we added berry jelly (if you are histamine intolerant you can use blue- or blackberry jelly) and then there is meringue on top of the cake. are you convinced to try it now? :D 
we hope you enjoy it guys and have a lovely sunday!

glutenfree fluffy white chocolate cakes with orange, caramel & pistachios

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

long time no see! the past weeks have been crazy busy, but therefore you will get a lot of delicious recipes during the next weeks. yay! can´t wait to share all of these with you. but let´s start with these delicious fluffy white chocolate cakes. i totally love the combination of oranges, pistachios and caramel - seriously a match made in heaven! and as it´s my birthday today of course there has to be cake ... a lot of cake :D to be honest these cute little cakes are not the only ones that i will have today. nora also made a delicious and gorgeous looking goat cheescake (will share the recipe soon!) so it´s gonna be a cake feast all day long. how lucky i am to have such a great girlfiend!  
but let´s talk about these cute little cakes again. when you follow our blog since a longer time you might have noticed that we have a passion for mini cakes. this frozen yoghurt cake was our first one and during christmas-time nora made these little domino cakes. this time i really wanted to try something with oranges. as i already told you i´m trying to eat food again, which is not low on histamine and so far it really seems to work out well. but no worries, we are still planning to publish some recipes again that are low on histamine as well. anyways, we hope you enjoy these little ones and have a great sunday!

beetroot risotto with mushrooms and truffle pecorino

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

the first thing we saw, before we decided to make this recipe, were these crazy beautiful looking mushrooms. i`m not sure, what the correct english translation is, but i think they are called shimeji mushrooms. have you ever heard of them before? 
as we love beetroot, we decided to make this delicious beetroot risotto with the mushrooms. i totally love risotto, but it also always reminds me of a very uncomfortable situation: it was at my grandfather´s birthday last year and we celebrated in a restaurant with the whole family - which sounds like we would be a big family, but actually it was just my grandparents, my uncle, my dad and his girlfriend. anyways, i wanted to order a risotto and since parmesan cheese is the devil of histamine i kindly asked if they could cook it without. the waiter was SO extremly unfriendly, that i was totally shocked. he just laught at me, saying why would i order a risotto if i can´t have parmesan cheese?! very nice, right? so i ended up being shocked and angry and eating nothing. and who says that you can´t make a delicious risotto without parmesan cheese?! we used a  truffle pecorino in this recipe (we are so addicted!)  and i think it makes it even more delicious, so give it a try guys! 

morning rituals & blog hop

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

first of all: we have a new blog-design!! whooo! we waited way to long with changing that (we were planning it since several months now) and are more than happy. we hope you guys like it as much as we do. a special thank you to jakob wierzba for helping us. check out his work, he is so talented! 
we made the pictures for today´s post for the new series of lovely suus´ blog food bandits, called "morning rituals". find out all about our morning ritulas and the recipe for our all-time-favorite pancakes  at suus gorgeous blog now. 
another thing, that we wanted to do since a really looong time now is a blog hop. we never heard of it, before our dear instagram-friend christina greve invited us. christina lives in denmark and is a photographer as well. she gives photography workshops (have a look here) and we disovered her beautiful work on instagram just when we started with instagram too. 
so if you never heard of a blog hop as well, it basicly means, that you get the chance to introduce yourself a little bit better to your readers with answering 4 questions and also to mention two blogs you would like to introduce to your readers, so they can "hop around" other blogs.
thank you again to christina for inviting us - hopefully we gonna meet one day and have a cup of coffee together  :)

glutenfree pistachio rose cake

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

we always get asked a lot how we develop our recipes and where we find our inspiration. sometimes, we just go hungry to the supermarket and get so creative while seeing all the food, so out of this hunger a new recipe is born. sometimes we just get inspired while spending time on a beautiful market, or of course also while looking at magazines or cookbooks or other much possibilities. but in most of the cases it all happens very spontaneously and one of us just has an idea of a certain combination. however, one thing is never differnt: even if i have an idea i could never transform that by myself and for me it´s a secret, how nora always makes it happen, that the cake or the dish looks like in my thoughts in the end. so much passion and patience, i really admire that!

glutenfree kale quiche with mushrooms & coconut milk

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

one of the complicated things when you have to eat glutenfree (at least in berlin) is eating in a restaurant or in a café.
if you are histamine-intolerante as well it´s even harder, but luckily i can tolerate more and more things again which are not low on histamine (like avocado and some nuts, even mushrooms like in this recipe). i really hope it continues like that and that one day this whole histamine-thing won´t be an issue for me anymore. but anyways, i was really craving for a piece of quiche since some weeks now. you can get a piece of quiche in almost every café in berlin but i never saw a glutenfree one yet.  yesterday we finally had the time to make a glutenfree one by ourselves. when nora and i went shopping for groceries we got inspired by this perfectly looking kale and these delicious looking king oyster mushrooms. and a was a very good choice because they really do taste great together, especially in combination with the coconut milk. give it a try guys!
for the shooting we used our beautiful white plate from dirk aleksic again. we always get asked on instagram were our plates are from, so here you have a link to his homepage again. 
happy sunday guys!

glutenfree apple bundt cake with cardamom, cinnamon & ginger

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

the first post in 2015...a little bit late maybe, but happy new year guys!!
How did you spend your new years eve? after a busy 2014 we decided to take it slow and had a nice and cozy evening with friends in the countryside. we don´t take new years eve too serious. it´s the same every year, we try to avoid to celebrate it in berlin, because berlin is crazy on new years eve!
for me it´s much more important how i spend the first of january. 
that i have time for myself or spend it with the people i love. we slept long,  had a big breakfast with friends, a walk through the village a little bit time to read the newspaper. that´s what i call a good start!
But let´s speak about this easy and delicious bundt cake.
It was the last day before christmas, when nora and i were walking through the city, looking for the last small presents. It was grey and actually pretty warm for december and of course there was no snow. we crossed a little bakery when i saw the cutest little bundt cake ever with lot´s of powdered sugar on top in their shop-window. just looking at that little cake made me feel that the powdered sugar is everywhere and the missing snow and christmas-feeling were immediately there. Of course the cake was either glutenfree or low on histamine (lemon) so nora decided to bake one for me, when we got back home and it turned out so well.
it´s one of these recipes which is so easy and still so delicious. because of the apples the cake is not so dry like a usual bundt cake. we hope you like it as much as we do and happy sunday guys!

glutenfree christmas cookies

Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

christmas is just around the corner. this year went by crazy fast, i think we mentioned that in another post already. do you have the same feeling? 
we are so greatful for this exciting and eventful year. there were so many jobs and projects, that a weekend without work was exceptional. so 2015 can continue like that please - but maybe with some free weekends included :D
we want to thank everyone of YOU - all your support was amazing and made us SO happy!! we wish you a merry christmas, with a lot of good food, happy moments with your loved ones and some nice presents. if you still have time to bake, you should try these delicous glutenfree christmas cookies. if you can tolerate vanilla and cinnamon due to a histamine intolerance the cookies are even low on histamine. the cinnamon star recipe is very basic
(we found it here and changed it a little bit) but still very delicous and the "linzer-augen" cookies we baked with earth almond flour and rice flour and they are filled with homemade cranberry-marmelade. since a very long time i´m into earth almonds now. as they grow under the earth it´s not a nut, but still they have a very nutty flavour. so if you can´t tolerate nuts you should definetly give them a try. on top of that they are fiber-rich, good for your bowel, which is at least for me quite imporantat these days, after i had to take an antibiotic and everything seems to be a bit confused in my body. if you feel the same way go for earth almonds, it´s my new magical little helper.

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