Behind the scenes for AEG

Sonntag, 23. April 2017

In january we had some lovely visitors from Sweden in our studio and we've been shooting a little video for AEG together. We've been asked to share thoughts about our view and about daylight and what makes it so inspiring. As you maybe know, we shoot all our pictures with daylight, so it's very important to us. When we've been looking for a new studio in Berlin, the light was the most imortant thing for us. We looked for a space with at least one window with northern light, because as you know, we like to shoot a lot of moody pictures. You obviously have no sun coming from a window that is facing the north, which natrually makes the light very moody and blueish. So we've been really happy, when we finally found a place like that. The big suprise was, that we have 2 windows facing south as well, so it's lot's of sunshine on the other side of the room. This allows us to play with different light scenarios and moods and was even more than we expected, when we started looking for a new studio.
What we really like about our view is the rough and industrial houses, that you can see and at the same time there are beautiful trees growing infront of some of our windows. The talented Kajsa Eldsten made a fantastic illustration of our studio view, that you can win together with the WX7 window cleaner from AEG (you can see the illustration in the forelast picture of this post). All you have to do, is, take a picture of a windowless wall in your home, post it on instagram and tell why you’d like to give it more life. Don’t forget to tag the post with #myviewbyAEG. Three lucky winners will be chosen on the 5th of May and will be contacted through a direct message on instagram. Good luck guys!!
Oh, and you can hear us talk more about light and our inspriation coming from it and see more from our studio in the video* that was made of us in january. Hope you like it!

Our Berlin Kitchen

Sonntag, 16. April 2017

A few weeks ago, we've done a little make-over with our kitchen in Berlin. You guys already know our kitchen in the countryside and our studio kitchen (will post an update tour soon!), but we've never shown you our kitchen in our Berlin flat before. When we moved into the apartment 3 years ago, we immediately fell in love with it. But I guess as everyone knows, no flat is perfect. The most important criterion for us was the light, the view and a kitchen that is big enough to have a table in. All of that was there, so even if there were some details that didn't quite met our taste, we felt like this is the flat we've been looking for. If we were the owners (we only rent it, so we can't change whatever we like) we would prefer to have old windows, a lighter floor and would change the whole kitchen unit - but I know that this is complaining on a high level. 
As we do have a lot of rough and industrial elements in our other kitchens, we wanted this one to be fresh, clean and modern, but also cozy at the same time. If you follow our interior account on instagram, you might have recognized already, that we are quite minimal, when it comes to furnish our places, so it's no suprise, that also our kitchen is quite minimalistic. We do create a lot of mess and chaos in our job during shootings, so for us it's very refreshing to live in a contrast to that and have enough room for thoughts and creativity. I know, some people need a "creative chaos" for that, but for us, it's the other way around. 
So what we changed in our kitchen is actually a lot, but it was also a long process. The only before picture we have is this onejust so you have a rough impression how it looked like.  
First of all and most important to us was, that we removed the kitchen drawers from the wall as they took so much light away and we don't need so much space to store things. Then we painted the whole kitchen - before it was white and one wall was in very dark blue (the one that you can see in the before picture). We decided to paint the whole kitchen in a beautiful light grey (it's called "Emma") from our favorite paint brand Kalklitir. It makes the room much brighter than before and the atmosphere is more cozy and calm now. Another thing, that was important to us was the question which chairs could fit to our beautiful round marble table from our friend Philipp from Nutsandwoods. We wanted to have comfortable ones, but at the same time they should be beautiful as well. After some research we came across the J39 - The People's Chair from Fredericia* and fell so in love with it! It looks modern, but at the same time also traditional and we think it suits the kitchen and the table so well. And the best: it's really really comfortable! 
Speaking of comfortable - another thing that we wanted to have was a little sofa in the kitchen. As we have enough space for it, we've been looking for one, that is cozy, but not to big for a long time - we finally decided for the "Ace Sofa" from Normann Copenhagen and can really recommend it. 
The day after the shooting we deciced to move the sofa to another wall (and then I had to make a picture again of course), so don't get confused about the two different angles. So what do you guys think, how did the kitchen turned out? Let us know, if you have any questions about specific products in the pictures, we are happy to help. Happy sunday!

Lactose-Free Mint-Chocolate-Vanilla-Ice-Cream Cake

Sonntag, 9. April 2017

It feels like spring is in full swing - the sun is shining, the birds are singing loudly and you can watch how the trees turn a little bit more green from day to day. This weekend the weather was just wonderful, 17 degrees and almost no cloud on the sky. We spent most of the time in the garden, as we have a lot planned there (building a greenhouse and many other things, but more on that another time) and we enjoyed the sun so much!! But what's a sunny day without an ice-cream, right? Spring, sun and ice-cream just belong together! When we got asked, if we want to try the new lactose-free types of ice cream from Cremissimo*, that just launched in february, we got so excited! We both love ice-cream and especially during sunny days in the garden there could be nothing better. Also there are not a lot lactose free ice-creams available, so we were really curious to taste it.  You can choose between bourbon vanilla, chocolate and english mint. As we wanted to try them all we decided to make an ice-cream cake! And it was such a good idea, as they all tasted great together. What we really liked was, that the consistency of the ice-cream is very creamy and even if we served it almost right from the freezer, the consistency was not to hard and the ice-cream was easy to cut.
To have a little crunch we made a glutenfree cookie crust, which was such a delicious combination with the ice-cream. We couldn't really decide for a favorite as they all tasted wonderful! 
We topped the ice-cream cake with frozen berries and white chocolate and e voila it's done. Really not a big effort and such a lovely outcome. We hope you guys like it as well - enjoy the sunny spring weather, with ice-cream of course :)

Glutenfree Vegan Hazelnut-Coffee-Granola-Bars

Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

We love coffee. And we love breakfast. And the best ist, when you have both in one. Nespresso* had the idea to integrate coffee in breakfast recipes and asked us earlier this year, if we are interested to create several breakfast recipes, which among others include coffee. As big breakfast fans we immediately had many ideas and we developed 5 great recipes, a vegan and a glutenfree recipe and also something for fish and meat lovers. These recipes have been served during Berlinale film festival and we´ve been told, that everyone loved them. One of our favorite recipes are these hazelnut-coffee-granola bars, because they are glutenfree and have this light hint of coffee. For the choice of the right coffee type, which fits the best to the granola bars, we got a lovely support from a coffee expert, who recommended the Gran Cru Arpeggio*, because it underlines the flavours very well, since it has notes of cacao. A high quality of the coffee beans is important for Nespresso, so most of the beans are  harvested from their own sustainability* program.
The combination of coffee, rolled oats, nuts, dates and cacao is just heavenly - so aromatic and delicious as a treat. We´ve made the granola bars a couple of times already, not just because they are a great option for a quick breakfast, but also they are lifesavers, when you need quick energy during a long working day. For Laura we made a different version of the granola bars, because she cannot tolerate cacao so well, but this recipe we´ll share another time.
The room, where we´ve been shooting this time, is a new discovery at the attic of our lovely neighbours and good friends. When we have been tidying up a space in the attic, the light was so magical, that Laura had to grab her camera immediately and we´ve freed some old furnitures from dust, which have been there for ages - our friend Rahel told us, that they´ve belonged to the former owner of our flat. It is so wonderful, when things have a story and we can continue it from now. Rahel got us the gorgeous blooming plum branches from the garden and after the shoot we´ve been enjoying the warm late afternoon sun with the delicious hazelnut-coffee-granola bars.

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