living room make over in our countryside flat

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017

Maybe you already noticed, that we renovated a little flat in the countryside last summer. It's in the house of very good friends, with whom we also share a wonderful garden. We've been both  born in Berlin, but i lived some years of my childhood in the countryside. Nature is very important to both of us - it calms us down, gives us inspiration and simply makes us happy! We love Berlin, but could never live there without the balance between countryside and city. We already showed you the renovation of the kitchen of our new flat in the countryside, if you haven't seen it yet, have a look here. When we started to work as a food photographer and stylist we even had our studio in the countryside for more than a year, but we always had a place in Berlin as well. It happend very spontaneously and wasn't planed at all, that we had to move out of our previous place in the countryside all of a sudden. What first felt so sad and like a big problem turned out to be the best thing (besides our studio in Berlin), that happend last year. The flat has the perfect size and we already feel so much at home. The condition, when we got the space in the countryside was very rough. No electricity, the whole bathroom had to be replaced, no heating and many more stuff, that had to be done. 

Glutenfree Lemon Tart with homemade Lemon Curd

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017

For today’s post we got inspired by an old painting of Jacob Walscapelle, who was a dutch painter. We always get a lot of comments on Instagram, that some of our pictures look like paintings (which is such a wonderful compliment, thank you guys!), so, when we got asked to join a campaign, that is about art and cooking, we were so delighted! 
The organic supermarket Alnatura* had the idea for a project called „#KunstKochen“, which basically means Art-Cooking.  You can get inspired by selected artworks of the Städel Museum in Frankfurt* - to find out which ones and how you can participate as well (and also see the one, that we choose as our inspiration) have a look here*.
On the painting, that we choose as our inspiration for this post, you can see a huge colorful bouquet with dark tones in the back. To make the transformation from flowers to food we baked a lemon tart, which we decorated with dried edible flowers. Also we tried to keep the tart in similar colors as the flowers in the bouquet and decided to go for a lemon tart in general, as you can see citrus fruits quite often in old still life paintings. 
How do you guys think it turned out? The gluten free lemon tart with homemade lemon curd was so delicious and we used organic products from Alnatura* to bake it (for example buckwheat flour, cane sugar, eggs, butter, lemons, ground vanilla powder and some more). As we do buy a lot of our food organic, we were already familiar with their products and have been very happy with the quality. Just can recommend them to you. We hope you guys enjoy this recipe and maybe get inspired by a painting as well next time you cook or bake something :).

smoothie breakfast bowl with pommegrante juice and the pommegrante-series from weleda

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

You guys already know, that we both love breakfast! One of our favorite breakfasts is a smoothie bowl as it's so easy and fast to prepare, there are almost endless possibilities to make it in different flavours and it gives you a lot of power and vitamins for the day. And if you have a very busy morning, you can of course also just put everything in a glas and drink it.
Some time ago we got asked, if we want to test the pomegranate beauty care series from the organic brand Weleda*.
We both know and use Weleda since a long time already, i'm even familiar with their products since my childhood, so we were both very excited to test this series. Especially as we are both huge pomegranate fans - it's one of our favourite fruits during the autumn and winter months. We really love the sweet-sour taste of it, but also the fact, that it's so healthy: it has a lot of antioxidants, vitamin c, b-vitamins and vitamin k.
Our task was to test the Weleda-pomegranate series*, but also to create a pomegranate recipe for you guys, as taking care of your body also means to feed it well of course and using good organic skin care products always goes hand in hand with a balanced nutrition.
The keyword to describe the weleda pomegranate series is regeneration! Through the antioxidants it helps your skin to be protected during the day and thanks to argan oil, macadamia nut oil and pomegranate-seed oil it helps your skin to regenerate during the night and to build a protective coat for the skin. as you can see it's full of good ingredients. Our personal favorite is the Weleda pomegranate day cream*, as it's easily absorbed and gives your skin a very nice glow, which is such a nice thing in the morning! 
For the smoothie bowl recipe of course we focused on pomegranate as well. we used the seeds on top, but we also added some pomegranate juice into the smoothie, which tastes so delicious and gives you a little extra boost. Next to pomegranate we also filled our smoothie bowl with even more good and healthy ingredients like turmeric, aronia berry powder and coconut oil. It's our favourite combination at the moment and gives you all the energy for a wonderful start of the day. We hope you guys will enjoy it too!

homemade gluten free bread

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017

it's quite surprising, that we never baked our own gluten free bread before (except gluten free crisp bread), even though we are huge breakfast fans! we never leave the house without a breakfast and also love to always create different breakfasts through the week. sometimes savory, sometimes sweet, sometimes it's just a smoothie - we just love variety. 
when we have breakfast with friends, it's our favorite thing to decorate a big table with lots of different food - cheese, vegetable dips, fruits, bread, eggs and so on. and when the bread is homemade, it's even more special! i have no idea, why we waited so long before we made our first gluten free bread, as this one turned out so well. it has a lot of seeds, but still it tastes like a bread and not like a cracker.
we used the new Rama* with seasalt on top of the fresh baked bread, which was so delicious, but so simple. Rama has a wonderful selection to offer and new different sorts which you can explore here*. for this post we enjoyed the one with butter and seasalt, which is my personal favorite as well. so simple and so good! 
our friends rike and nico stopped by at our studio in the end of the shooting and we all enjoyed this wonderful little breakfast gathering together. and the bread is officially approved by both as well :)
we are so excited to hear how you like the bread - hope you guys enjoy baking!

gluten free pear-sunflower seed cake

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

Since we baked our banana cake with nut butter in the beginning of this year we are addicted to cakes with nut butter. To have a slightly variation we used sunflower seed butter for this gluten free pear-sunflower seed cake as we saw the sunflower seed butter  in the organic supermarket and really wanted to give it a try. we  love the taste of sunflower seeds  and especially with the pears  it's such a nice combination, you really have to try it!
We've been shooting this post in our neighbors dining room again - do you remember when we told you that our neighbors were about to renovate their dining room and that we've been trying to convince them to leave that one gorgeous wall just like it is? we made it and convinced them :) and they are more than happy with it! after we've been shooting this delicious pear-sunflower seed cake we enjoyed it with our dear friend and neighbor Rahel and talked the whole afternoon away about a new project that we are planning together and will start with this spring. for now all i can say is, that it has to do something with the book you can see in some of the pictures but the rest is a suprise. so let's just enjoy this wonderful cake for now!

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