a special homemade gluten free bread and the new vegan rama

Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

breakfast is one of our favorite meals. we always take the time to have breakfast in the morning, no matter how busy a day might be. it just calms you down and gives you energy for the day.
our aim for this year is to share more of our simple everyday life recipes with you, next to delicious gluten free cakes of course :)
so this gluten free crisp bread is just perfect for a quick and light breakfast and i also love it as an afternoon snack. we used the new rama*, a vegan spread, for the crisp bread. we used it for the recipe and also on top of the bread, which was very delicious. sometimes it's just the simple things, that taste so good, right?!  we both know rama since our childhood, our parents always used to buy it, so it was quite nice to see, that they came up with a new package design and also a bigger selection (will show you another one soon). in our everyday life we eat quite a lot of vegan meals, so the new vegan rama is a very cool alternative to butter for us. for this breakfast nora made some very easy other vegan spreads as well, like a delicious pumpkin- and a beetroot spread and a very good garlic-rucola pesto.
we've been shooting this cozy breakfast scene in our neighbors dining room, which they are actually renovating right now. as you might have noticed already, we have a love for rough walls, so we are trying to convince them to keep this special wall, maybe at least at one side of the room. what do you think? and what is your favorite vegan breakfast?
wish you all a lovely sunday guys!

glutenfree coconut-poppy-seed cake

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

the whole last week i was craving a piece of simple, but delicious cake with coconut. but as there was no time for baking (too much work and next to that, we also renovated the kitchen in our berlin apartment, which was a very chaotic project, but more on that another time). this weekend we spent some calm days in the countryside and finally made the cake i was basically dreaming of the whole week :). 
when we went food shopping, we got the first blood oranges this year and as we both love them, of course, we had to include them in the recipe (though i have to be very careful to eat only a little bit of them, as citrus unfortunately is still difficult for me). we made a simple blood orange juice, which we served with ice cubes and rosmary and it's not only tasting very good, also that wonderful color always makes me so happy! for the cake we used grated coconut and poppy seeds in the batter and nora made a very delicious crust with coconut flakes and coconut blossom sugar, which just tasted SO delicious! 
we served the cake with coconut yoghurt and slices of blood oranges, which is a perfect combintation with the sweet cake, that tastes a little bit like caramel, because of the coconut blossom sugar. 
we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did - now we are off to shoot something for a client, which we will share with you soon and later we will have a walk with the dogs in the evening sun, it's such a lovely weather today! hope you are all having a wonderful sunday, wish you a happy one!

our food stories studio

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

as we told you in our last post, we want to introduce you to a new category on the blog, named after our second and new instagram account: designtales. we want to share more about our passion for design and interior with you guys, so here is the first designtales post today, the long promised studio tour!
we moved into our new studio almost a year ago, it's crazy how time flies. as some of you might know, before we had our studio in the countryside, but it was just to small at some point and also not ideal that it was more than an hour-drive away from berlin. though i have to say that it really rescued us, since the first years of building up our own company have been so stressful. unbelievingly good, fun and rewarding, but also very stressful and filled with so much work. so working in the countryside was a very good start, because you always had such a calm surrounding in contrast to the busy work life. 
but as we are mainly living in berlin it made sense to look for a studio which was closer to our home, so during summer 2015 we started to look for a studio in berlin. and we thought it would be so complicated and that we would never find what we are looking for as we had so many points that were important to us. the most important thing was to have at least one window towards north and that seemed to be enough to be looking for already. also we wanted the studio to be close to our flat and the height of the ceiling was important too, because of the tripod we wanted to buy. one day, when we had another viewing in quite a nice building (but the rooms where not ideal) i looked through its windows and could see another building, maybe only 500m away. the first thing i fell in love with were the windows :) they looked so beautiful, even from 500m distance. and the whole building looked so nice, neat, but still old and charming. a perfect mix. we just decided to pass by and ask the people, if there might be free spaces. we didn't had any hope though as from the outside it looked like every floor would be rented out. but i wasn't! the whole first floor was empty and not rennovated yet and the other renters were super friendly and helpful and provided us with a telephone number of the landlord. 

glutenfree banana-nut-butter cake and happy 2017

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2017

maybe a little bit late, but still we want to wish you all a wonderful and happy 2017!! "our food stories" has been an incredible journey for us so far and we are so happy to share another year of good food and stories with you guys and are more than grateful for your constant support!! 2016 has been a year of changes and though it was quite stressful and tough at times it was also filled with many wonderful possibilities, moments, improvements, new friendships and travels.
this year we will redo our blogdesign and are also planning a new category, designtales, here on the blog. some of you might have noticed already, that we started a second instagram account last year, called @_designtales_ and now it's time for us to share our love for furniture and design here on the blog with you as well. we are not sure yet how often we want to post our "designtales", but the food content will be still the main focus for sure, it will be just a little addition and a possibility for us to share more of the things we love and have a passion for with you guys. what do you think about that? and is there anything else you would love to see or read more of?
but let's speak about today's recipe now: this gluten free banana cake is truly the best banana cake i've had so far and trust me i had many good ones already. we wanted to make an easy cake recipe for the first of january, to enjoy it with our dear friends rahel and lea and also to celebrate the new year. Since we have a large variety of nut butter in our local organic supermarket, we are always more then happy to include a nut butter in some new recipes (we can recommend hazelnut butter or almond butter). i have to say the combination of banana and nut butter was just heavenly and we can really recommend you to try this cake as soon as possible, it's a wonderful way to slow down, enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea and to celebrate all the wonderful things that 2017 has in store <3 to new happy beginnings, a year full of adventures and of course a year with delicious foodstories!

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