glutenfree ginger bread house and a new watch from cluse

Samstag, 24. Dezember 2016

it's seems like that time was running even faster this year and now it's already christmas today! can you believe that? our year has been filled with many changes - let's just say that i hope we don't have to move again in 2017 already :D as every year we wanted our december to be as calm as possible, with a lot of time for baking and cooking, publishing lot's of christmas recipes on the blog, make an advent calendar for each other but as every year this month just went by in a second and was anything else but calm. last weekend we realized that christmas is just around the corner, so we finally bought an advent wreath and decided to take some time to make something special: a gluten free ginger bread house.
when i was little, i always went to a friends house in december and stayed there a whole weekend to bake ginger bread houses. the house was directly located at a lake and i rember how magical it was to wake up, going straight into the kitchen, which smelled like a ginger bread house itselfe, enjoying the calming view over the lake and just bake, talk and laugh the whole day. i haven't made a ginger bread house since then, so i was really excited for this one! especially since it's gluten free which can be a little bit tricky sometimes. but it turned out so well, nora's baking skills are magical <3 and of course we also made some extra cookies which are so delicious. so if you feel like doing some christmas baking during the holidays, go for it!! now we are very much looking forward to some calm and cozy christmas days, with delicious food and finally time to read some books.
we are also enjoying our early christmas gift, the beautiful watch* you can see in the pictures. it's from cluse* and we love how wonderful the golden bracelet it fits with christmas.
we wish you all very lovely, relaxing and merry christmas holidays! thanks for all your constant support, you guys are the best!

glutenfree christmas "stollen" - bundt cake

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

since almost two weeks we keep trying to share this blogpost with you and here it finally is! 
nora and i have the tradition to make a gluten free bundt cake for christmas, since she made the first one for me three years ago. this time we enjoyed it with our dearest friend ezgi in our studio when we celebrated her birthday. ezgi's birthday is on st nicholas day, so it was both: a birthday celebration, but also a very christmassy feeling. we decorated our new table from j&v, one of our favorite vintage shops in berlin and hung up a gorgeous wreath, made by the talented ladies from mary lennox
the gluten free bundt cake is simply the best bundt cake i ever ate, seriously guys! we will make for our family dinner on christmas this year and i can only recommend you to do the same. it tastes a little bit like the german christmas fruit cake stollen but for me it tastes even better, because it's a bundt cake and i prefer this texture much more. by the way how are you guys going to spend your christmas days? 
we always celebrate with both our families - first we visit nora's family and then mine and this year our families might even meet at some point, let's see. but this gluten free bundt cake will be definitely a part of it, can't wait to enjoy it again. hope you will too :)

glutenfree almond-hazelnut cake with sugared cranberries and almond brittle & beautiful orchids

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016

we are totally in a christmas mood here already! what about you? actually we've already been ready for christmas since november when we've been shooting christmas food for a client and started to listen to christmas music already (and haven't stopped since then). so here's our first christmas cake for you this year - each year we love to make sugared cranberries, so of course this recipe involves some too. the cake base is mainly made of ground almonds and coconut blossom sugar (that's why it looks a bit darker). for the filling we combined unsweetened hazelnut butter with maple syrup, a touch of coffee, cinnamon and whipped cream - such a delicious combination!!
also we've teamed up with tollwasblumenmachen* and used some very beautiful orchids for this post. tollwasblumenmachen provides you with a lot of great informations all about flowers and also makes it easy to find a florist close to your home. as you guys know, we absolutely love flowers and almost use them for every post. but we've recognized, that we've never used orchids so far, they haven't been on our mind at all. it was quite suprising for us, that there are more than 25.000 different orchids and that you also can buy them as cut flowers and not only in a pot. they are quite expensive, but also almost last forever. we think they suit our little christmas decoration quite well and add such an elegant twist to everything. what do you guys think? and do you have any favorite flowers, maybe also some in connection to christmas? 
can't wait to share the next christmas recipe with you guys, it's such a lovely time of the year <3

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