edeka food labs: a wonderful gathering in our studio

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

a week ago we celebrated a wonderful gathering with our client edeka* in our studio, called the "edeka food labs". it was the first bigger gathering, that we hosted in our studio and it was so much fun! we've meet so many inspiring people and it was such a pleasure to share delicous food together with other creatives. on the menu was a very tasty beetroot-sunroot soup as a starter, ravioli filled with pumpkin as a main dish and two different cakes - a vegan pumpkin cake and a haselnut caramel cake - for  the dessert. we also built up a small "salt station" for the guests, so everyone could mix their own salt after the instructions from edeka's new beautiful book "selbstgemacht"*.
as we didn't had enough chairs and also needed one more table to host 25 people we rented some from our friends jools and vince - they have the most stunning shop with vintage furniture, if you are in search of something you should definitely have a look.
for the flower decoration we worked together with the amazingly talented ruby & olivia from mary lennox and could not have been more happy. especially the installation with the branches above the tables was exactly what we've been looking for and we were so excited when ruby and olivia came to the studio to hang them up.
if you want to have more impressions of the event, check out the wonderful video that the fantastic david & jenny made on youtube. i think they perfecly captured the mood!!
our dearest friend ezgi made some stunning photos during the day as well, can't wait to see them pop up on the blogs of all the other guests. it was such a good merge of many creative people working together for this event and we've been really enjoying the whole process of it. and last but not least this event would have never been so wonderful without rike & lina from pony & blond - thanks for all your help and positive energy ladies, you're the best! if you want to see more photos of the food that has been served that day and also some of our other work, check out the instagram channel of edeka, it would make us so happy! hope you guys are enjoying the little picture overload from the event now - can't wait to share new christmas cookie recipes with you soon :)

gluten free mini apple-pear tarts with vanilla pudding

Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful little bike tour in the countryside. the light was simply stunning and even, if it was almost as cold as in winter, it was such a lovely autumn mood. the colors, the air, the light, everything was just perfect and felt so rewarding after some really hectic and annoying days of terrible tooth pain. nora made some delicious gluten free mini apple-pear tarts and believe me, they taste as heavenly as they look! the perfect little treat for a bike tour, a cozy coffee or tea break at home or a sweet breakfast. if you have some vanilla sauce at home we can highly recommend to enjoy it together with the tarts - we tried that the next morning and it's such a good combination! 
the most joyful thing during the bike tour was to watch our new family member carry running around and playing with her big "brother" collin. we really wanted to have a second dog since a long time and this time it wasn't easy at all to find the right one, but all the waiting and searching was so worth it! carry is the sweetest little soul and collin and her are getting along so well with each other. we will definitely show you more pictures of her soon :)
oh and maybe you remember our bike-picnic post from last year? if not you can check it out here. after i got a new bike from creme cycles last year, nora really wanted to have one as well and tadaaa here it is! such a beauty, don't you think so? 
we hope you enjoy the last days of autumn, before all the pretty leaves are gone for a while. but no worries, these delicous mini tarts will even brighten up a grey and cold winter day! 

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