comforting pumpkin-coconut soup with brown rice, sesame & thyme for villeroy & boch

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

if you follow our blog for a longer time you might have recognized already, that we love the tableware of villeroy & boch*. as autumn is in full swing and it get's colder and colder outside we especially fell in love with their soup passion* products. we love to eat soups during autumn and winter and to have a whole porcelain series dedicated to this topic made us so excited! as autumn is one of our favorite seasons we decided to make a pumpkin soup, because who doesn't likes a good pumpkin soup, right? 
we invited our dearest friends and neighbours rahel and anita to enjoy this delicious soup together.
we actually share a lot of meals with them - during summer outside in the garden under the big walnut tree, during autumn and winter around the campfire or inside in their or our flat - it's so special to have such close friends, that almost feel like family, as neighbours and we are so grateful about it. only lea, who used to join our little gatherings as well, was deeply missed this time as she recently moved to another city. but we can't wait to enjoy more cozy dinners all together soon again. so this time it was only the four of us and actually also the first time, that we've been shooting in our new dining room in the countryside. as the weather wasn't pretty nice the last days we all appreciated it a lot to sit inside and enjoy a big warm bowl of this pumpkin soup. we decorated the table with some flowers and mini apples from the garden, pumpkins and of course our new tableware from villeroy & boch and enjoyed a very cozy afternoon together. i especially like the big tureen of the soup passion collection, it keeps the soup wonderfully warm, looks so pretty and you don't have to go to the kitchen if you want to have a second serving - and believe me, you definitely want a second serving of this soup :)
so if you guys love a good pumpkin soup as well, you should give it try, we hope you enjoy!

glutenfree pumpkin pancakes and a autumn gathering with eva and christiann at our studio

Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

almost two weeks ago we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with eva kosmas flores and christiann koepke in our studio. we've been following each other on instagram for such a long time and it was a pleasure to finally meet in person!! we really love their work, so make sure to check out their blogs if you don't know them yet.
berlin was not greeting them with the best weather, so we've done our best to make it as cozy as possible in our studio. nora made her delicious pumpkin pancakes, eva made very delicious candied nuts and christiann cooked a very tasty apple chai compote - it was such a delicious combination and i'm sure you guys will love it as well. as it was already quite late the photos turned out very dark, like almost always during autumn/winter, but who says you can't have pancakes for dinner, right?! 
after our little shooting we've lit some candels and enjoyed these delicious gluten free pumpkin pancakes - it almost felt like christmas, such a cozy and calm mood. we love to eat our pancakes (no matter if pumpkin, banana or what else) with coconut yoghurt, but of course you can use any yoghurt you like.
also, we still haven't forgot about the "studio tour post" really hope to find the time for it soon and to show you guys more from our creative space. but for now let's enjoy this wonderful autumn dish <3 we wish you all a great day!

gluten free pumpkin cheesecake & the glutenfree feel good box from schär

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

when we got asked, if we want to test the feel good box from schär* we got really exited. a beautiful wooden box filled with many different gluten free goodies - yes please! there were so many different products that we even could'nt use them all for this blogpost. what we really liked is that you get ingredients for baking but also for savory dishes, like the delicious gluten free bread from schär and also chickpeas, pumpkin and avocado for example. so we decided to share 2 recipes with you guys today. as we are crazy about pumpkin right now(who is not??) both recipes involve pumpkin of course :)
we started the day with a slow and calm breakfast in our countryside kitchen and enjoyed the delicious buns from schär* with a homemade pumpkin spread, avocado, goji berries and chickpeas on top. so simple and so good!! afterwards we made a long walk with collin through the fields and woods and it was so lovely to see how autumn is almost in full swing. back home nora decided to bake a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. i love our goat cheesecake recipe to the moon and back, but this recipe takes cheesecake to another level :) we used these biscuits from schär* for the crust and it was such a good combination! we topped the cake with grated coconut and golden powder, which was included in the box as well. on our walk earlier we discovered a gorgeous field, so we decided to take our favorite small table, two chairs and the cake and enjoy a little and romantic gathering outside, close to our house. the mood was just incredible, all that fog during the whole day, it was magical! but after an hour we got cold and decided to visit my dad and his girlfriend to share another piece of cake. both loved it so much as well, so we are very excited to see what you guys think after baking it. 
oh and we also have a great suprise: you can win a feel good box from schär today - simply comment why you would love to win and write down your email address (so we can contact you) and maybe the next beautiful wooden box filled with delicious glutenfree food is yours. good luck!! the give-away is  open until next sunday, 23th of october. we hope you guys enjoy this autumn as much as we do :)

a week in denmark and a very delicious glutenfree apple-peanut butter cake

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

almost two weeks ago we spent the most wonderful week on a small danish island called orø. we've already been there last year during summer (have a look here to see the post) and it was so nice to see the same place during a differnet season. we really love this little island as you feel, that you are in the  middle of nowhere - everything is so quite and calm. we rented the same cabin as last year and are already looking forward to go back. it's really a magical place with the most wonderful view to the sea. they have hammock chairs in the house and in the garden and we got so addicted to sit in these with a book and a coffee - we definitely have to get one of those as well soon! another great thing is the swing on a tree in the garden, where you can overlook the sea while swinging...seriously i think it can't get any better! our days were filled with long walks, enjoying good food of course and sitting next to the fireplace with a tea and a book. one day our dear friend signe, her daugther anna and her dog rita came from copenhagen and visited us for one afternoon. nora made this very simple apple-peanut butter cake and it was SO delicious. we all loved it and anna even mentioned that it doesn't tastes glutenfree at all which is the best compliment i guess :)
we hope you guys enjoy this cake as much as we did. have a great day!

poached pears in elderberry juice with homemade vanilla sauce

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

we photographed these pictures almost two weeks ago now, when it was still summer but you could already smell that autumn is in the air. we started to get up very early this summer, mainly to be prepared for the short days in winter with so little time and light to shoot but also to enjoy the wonderful morning light which i think is so special in summer. and especially the morning when we picked these pears the light was just stunning. we basicly jumped out of bed when we could see the first sunbeams, just put a cardigan over, made a coffee and direcly went to my father house to pick pears and apples and also some elderberries. he has so many old and beautiful apple and pear trees in his garden, it's such a pleasure and we are so lucky each year to get a lot of them.
in the afternoon nora made a simple and delicious elderberry juice and these poached pears with a homemade vanilla sauce. we already posted the recipe last year, as part of a gathering-shooting, but we felt like it didn't got enough attention as it's simply so delicious! we hope you guys enjoy it and hurry up as the elderberries are not that long in season anymore :)

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