glutenfree ginger bread house and a new watch from cluse

Samstag, 24. Dezember 2016

it's seems like that time was running even faster this year and now it's already christmas today! can you believe that? our year has been filled with many changes - let's just say that i hope we don't have to move again in 2017 already :D as every year we wanted our december to be as calm as possible, with a lot of time for baking and cooking, publishing lot's of christmas recipes on the blog, make an advent calendar for each other but as every year this month just went by in a second and was anything else but calm. last weekend we realized that christmas is just around the corner, so we finally bought an advent wreath and decided to take some time to make something special: a gluten free ginger bread house.
when i was little, i always went to a friends house in december and stayed there a whole weekend to bake ginger bread houses. the house was directly located at a lake and i rember how magical it was to wake up, going straight into the kitchen, which smelled like a ginger bread house itselfe, enjoying the calming view over the lake and just bake, talk and laugh the whole day. i haven't made a ginger bread house since then, so i was really excited for this one! especially since it's gluten free which can be a little bit tricky sometimes. but it turned out so well, nora's baking skills are magical <3 and of course we also made some extra cookies which are so delicious. so if you feel like doing some christmas baking during the holidays, go for it!! now we are very much looking forward to some calm and cozy christmas days, with delicious food and finally time to read some books.
we are also enjoying our early christmas gift, the beautiful watch* you can see in the pictures. it's from cluse* and we love how wonderful the golden bracelet it fits with christmas.
we wish you all very lovely, relaxing and merry christmas holidays! thanks for all your constant support, you guys are the best!

glutenfree christmas "stollen" - bundt cake

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

since almost two weeks we keep trying to share this blogpost with you and here it finally is! 
nora and i have the tradition to make a gluten free bundt cake for christmas, since she made the first one for me three years ago. this time we enjoyed it with our dearest friend ezgi in our studio when we celebrated her birthday. ezgi's birthday is on st nicholas day, so it was both: a birthday celebration, but also a very christmassy feeling. we decorated our new table from j&v, one of our favorite vintage shops in berlin and hung up a gorgeous wreath, made by the talented ladies from mary lennox
the gluten free bundt cake is simply the best bundt cake i ever ate, seriously guys! we will make for our family dinner on christmas this year and i can only recommend you to do the same. it tastes a little bit like the german christmas fruit cake stollen but for me it tastes even better, because it's a bundt cake and i prefer this texture much more. by the way how are you guys going to spend your christmas days? 
we always celebrate with both our families - first we visit nora's family and then mine and this year our families might even meet at some point, let's see. but this gluten free bundt cake will be definitely a part of it, can't wait to enjoy it again. hope you will too :)

glutenfree almond-hazelnut cake with sugared cranberries and almond brittle & beautiful orchids

Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016

we are totally in a christmas mood here already! what about you? actually we've already been ready for christmas since november when we've been shooting christmas food for a client and started to listen to christmas music already (and haven't stopped since then). so here's our first christmas cake for you this year - each year we love to make sugared cranberries, so of course this recipe involves some too. the cake base is mainly made of ground almonds and coconut blossom sugar (that's why it looks a bit darker). for the filling we combined unsweetened hazelnut butter with maple syrup, a touch of coffee, cinnamon and whipped cream - such a delicious combination!!
also we've teamed up with tollwasblumenmachen* and used some very beautiful orchids for this post. tollwasblumenmachen provides you with a lot of great informations all about flowers and also makes it easy to find a florist close to your home. as you guys know, we absolutely love flowers and almost use them for every post. but we've recognized, that we've never used orchids so far, they haven't been on our mind at all. it was quite suprising for us, that there are more than 25.000 different orchids and that you also can buy them as cut flowers and not only in a pot. they are quite expensive, but also almost last forever. we think they suit our little christmas decoration quite well and add such an elegant twist to everything. what do you guys think? and do you have any favorite flowers, maybe also some in connection to christmas? 
can't wait to share the next christmas recipe with you guys, it's such a lovely time of the year <3

edeka food labs: a wonderful gathering in our studio

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

a week ago we celebrated a wonderful gathering with our client edeka* in our studio, called the "edeka food labs". it was the first bigger gathering, that we hosted in our studio and it was so much fun! we've meet so many inspiring people and it was such a pleasure to share delicous food together with other creatives. on the menu was a very tasty beetroot-sunroot soup as a starter, ravioli filled with pumpkin as a main dish and two different cakes - a vegan pumpkin cake and a haselnut caramel cake - for  the dessert. we also built up a small "salt station" for the guests, so everyone could mix their own salt after the instructions from edeka's new beautiful book "selbstgemacht"*.
as we didn't had enough chairs and also needed one more table to host 25 people we rented some from our friends jools and vince - they have the most stunning shop with vintage furniture, if you are in search of something you should definitely have a look.
for the flower decoration we worked together with the amazingly talented ruby & olivia from mary lennox and could not have been more happy. especially the installation with the branches above the tables was exactly what we've been looking for and we were so excited when ruby and olivia came to the studio to hang them up.
if you want to have more impressions of the event, check out the wonderful video that the fantastic david & jenny made on youtube. i think they perfecly captured the mood!!
our dearest friend ezgi made some stunning photos during the day as well, can't wait to see them pop up on the blogs of all the other guests. it was such a good merge of many creative people working together for this event and we've been really enjoying the whole process of it. and last but not least this event would have never been so wonderful without rike & lina from pony & blond - thanks for all your help and positive energy ladies, you're the best! if you want to see more photos of the food that has been served that day and also some of our other work, check out the instagram channel of edeka, it would make us so happy! hope you guys are enjoying the little picture overload from the event now - can't wait to share new christmas cookie recipes with you soon :)

gluten free mini apple-pear tarts with vanilla pudding

Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful little bike tour in the countryside. the light was simply stunning and even, if it was almost as cold as in winter, it was such a lovely autumn mood. the colors, the air, the light, everything was just perfect and felt so rewarding after some really hectic and annoying days of terrible tooth pain. nora made some delicious gluten free mini apple-pear tarts and believe me, they taste as heavenly as they look! the perfect little treat for a bike tour, a cozy coffee or tea break at home or a sweet breakfast. if you have some vanilla sauce at home we can highly recommend to enjoy it together with the tarts - we tried that the next morning and it's such a good combination! 
the most joyful thing during the bike tour was to watch our new family member carry running around and playing with her big "brother" collin. we really wanted to have a second dog since a long time and this time it wasn't easy at all to find the right one, but all the waiting and searching was so worth it! carry is the sweetest little soul and collin and her are getting along so well with each other. we will definitely show you more pictures of her soon :)
oh and maybe you remember our bike-picnic post from last year? if not you can check it out here. after i got a new bike from creme cycles last year, nora really wanted to have one as well and tadaaa here it is! such a beauty, don't you think so? 
we hope you enjoy the last days of autumn, before all the pretty leaves are gone for a while. but no worries, these delicous mini tarts will even brighten up a grey and cold winter day! 

comforting pumpkin-coconut soup with brown rice, sesame & thyme for villeroy & boch

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

if you follow our blog for a longer time you might have recognized already, that we love the tableware of villeroy & boch*. as autumn is in full swing and it get's colder and colder outside we especially fell in love with their soup passion* products. we love to eat soups during autumn and winter and to have a whole porcelain series dedicated to this topic made us so excited! as autumn is one of our favorite seasons we decided to make a pumpkin soup, because who doesn't likes a good pumpkin soup, right? 
we invited our dearest friends and neighbours rahel and anita to enjoy this delicious soup together.
we actually share a lot of meals with them - during summer outside in the garden under the big walnut tree, during autumn and winter around the campfire or inside in their or our flat - it's so special to have such close friends, that almost feel like family, as neighbours and we are so grateful about it. only lea, who used to join our little gatherings as well, was deeply missed this time as she recently moved to another city. but we can't wait to enjoy more cozy dinners all together soon again. so this time it was only the four of us and actually also the first time, that we've been shooting in our new dining room in the countryside. as the weather wasn't pretty nice the last days we all appreciated it a lot to sit inside and enjoy a big warm bowl of this pumpkin soup. we decorated the table with some flowers and mini apples from the garden, pumpkins and of course our new tableware from villeroy & boch and enjoyed a very cozy afternoon together. i especially like the big tureen of the soup passion collection, it keeps the soup wonderfully warm, looks so pretty and you don't have to go to the kitchen if you want to have a second serving - and believe me, you definitely want a second serving of this soup :)
so if you guys love a good pumpkin soup as well, you should give it try, we hope you enjoy!

glutenfree pumpkin pancakes and a autumn gathering with eva and christiann at our studio

Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

almost two weeks ago we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with eva kosmas flores and christiann koepke in our studio. we've been following each other on instagram for such a long time and it was a pleasure to finally meet in person!! we really love their work, so make sure to check out their blogs if you don't know them yet.
berlin was not greeting them with the best weather, so we've done our best to make it as cozy as possible in our studio. nora made her delicious pumpkin pancakes, eva made very delicious candied nuts and christiann cooked a very tasty apple chai compote - it was such a delicious combination and i'm sure you guys will love it as well. as it was already quite late the photos turned out very dark, like almost always during autumn/winter, but who says you can't have pancakes for dinner, right?! 
after our little shooting we've lit some candels and enjoyed these delicious gluten free pumpkin pancakes - it almost felt like christmas, such a cozy and calm mood. we love to eat our pancakes (no matter if pumpkin, banana or what else) with coconut yoghurt, but of course you can use any yoghurt you like.
also, we still haven't forgot about the "studio tour post" really hope to find the time for it soon and to show you guys more from our creative space. but for now let's enjoy this wonderful autumn dish <3 we wish you all a great day!

gluten free pumpkin cheesecake & the glutenfree feel good box from schär

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

when we got asked, if we want to test the feel good box from schär* we got really exited. a beautiful wooden box filled with many different gluten free goodies - yes please! there were so many different products that we even could'nt use them all for this blogpost. what we really liked is that you get ingredients for baking but also for savory dishes, like the delicious gluten free bread from schär and also chickpeas, pumpkin and avocado for example. so we decided to share 2 recipes with you guys today. as we are crazy about pumpkin right now(who is not??) both recipes involve pumpkin of course :)
we started the day with a slow and calm breakfast in our countryside kitchen and enjoyed the delicious buns from schär* with a homemade pumpkin spread, avocado, goji berries and chickpeas on top. so simple and so good!! afterwards we made a long walk with collin through the fields and woods and it was so lovely to see how autumn is almost in full swing. back home nora decided to bake a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. i love our goat cheesecake recipe to the moon and back, but this recipe takes cheesecake to another level :) we used these biscuits from schär* for the crust and it was such a good combination! we topped the cake with grated coconut and golden powder, which was included in the box as well. on our walk earlier we discovered a gorgeous field, so we decided to take our favorite small table, two chairs and the cake and enjoy a little and romantic gathering outside, close to our house. the mood was just incredible, all that fog during the whole day, it was magical! but after an hour we got cold and decided to visit my dad and his girlfriend to share another piece of cake. both loved it so much as well, so we are very excited to see what you guys think after baking it. 
oh and we also have a great suprise: you can win a feel good box from schär today - simply comment why you would love to win and write down your email address (so we can contact you) and maybe the next beautiful wooden box filled with delicious glutenfree food is yours. good luck!! the give-away is  open until next sunday, 23th of october. we hope you guys enjoy this autumn as much as we do :)

a week in denmark and a very delicious glutenfree apple-peanut butter cake

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

almost two weeks ago we spent the most wonderful week on a small danish island called orø. we've already been there last year during summer (have a look here to see the post) and it was so nice to see the same place during a differnet season. we really love this little island as you feel, that you are in the  middle of nowhere - everything is so quite and calm. we rented the same cabin as last year and are already looking forward to go back. it's really a magical place with the most wonderful view to the sea. they have hammock chairs in the house and in the garden and we got so addicted to sit in these with a book and a coffee - we definitely have to get one of those as well soon! another great thing is the swing on a tree in the garden, where you can overlook the sea while swinging...seriously i think it can't get any better! our days were filled with long walks, enjoying good food of course and sitting next to the fireplace with a tea and a book. one day our dear friend signe, her daugther anna and her dog rita came from copenhagen and visited us for one afternoon. nora made this very simple apple-peanut butter cake and it was SO delicious. we all loved it and anna even mentioned that it doesn't tastes glutenfree at all which is the best compliment i guess :)
we hope you guys enjoy this cake as much as we did. have a great day!

poached pears in elderberry juice with homemade vanilla sauce

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

we photographed these pictures almost two weeks ago now, when it was still summer but you could already smell that autumn is in the air. we started to get up very early this summer, mainly to be prepared for the short days in winter with so little time and light to shoot but also to enjoy the wonderful morning light which i think is so special in summer. and especially the morning when we picked these pears the light was just stunning. we basicly jumped out of bed when we could see the first sunbeams, just put a cardigan over, made a coffee and direcly went to my father house to pick pears and apples and also some elderberries. he has so many old and beautiful apple and pear trees in his garden, it's such a pleasure and we are so lucky each year to get a lot of them.
in the afternoon nora made a simple and delicious elderberry juice and these poached pears with a homemade vanilla sauce. we already posted the recipe last year, as part of a gathering-shooting, but we felt like it didn't got enough attention as it's simply so delicious! we hope you guys enjoy it and hurry up as the elderberries are not that long in season anymore :)

gluten free ravioli filled with red and yellow beetroot and delicious cheese from kaltbach

Freitag, 16. September 2016

today it's supposed to be the last hot day in berlin for the year. and to be honest we are very much looking forward to autumn and to all it's falvours, spices and vegetables. today's recipe is already inspired by our longing for autumn. we both absolutly love beetroot in any possible way but at the moment i even prefer the yellow beetroot. it's tastes a little bit less strong and nora makes it since years with my favorite salad. but this time we used it as the filling for our gluten free ravioli. we wanted to make gluten free pasta since such a long time now and thought these ravioli would be the perfect start. i haven't eaten ravioli since years, since you can't buy gluten free ones in our organic supermarket but i'm so happy that we finally gave it a try since they turned out so well. they are filled with red and yellow beetroot, spices, creme fraiche and  the delicious "creamy-tasty" cheese from kaltbach*.
the cheese has a very good taste - not to strong but also with a characteristic flavor. it fits perfectly with fruits, this is why we also added figs to the ravioli which is such a delicious combination.
when i was still able to eat gluten i used to buy fresh made pasta on the local farmers market every weekend, it was kind of a tradition. i have no idea why we never tried to make a gluten free version before, since it's not very complicated and now i can't wait to make these tasty gluten free ravioli this weekend again. we hope you guys enjoy the recipe and have a wonderful weekend!


glutenfree ravioli with beetroot cheese filling

glutenfree ravioli dough
150g white rice flour
50g potato flour
2 tsp guar gum (or use a ready made flour mix)
2 tbsp olive oil
(1-4 tbsp water - optional)
3 eggs (size m/l)
red beetroote/yellow beetroot filling
1 onion
50g grated red beetroot
50g grated yellow beetroot (or 100g red beetroot in total)
1 lemon
60-70g kaltbach cheese - der cremig würzige*
30g creme fraiche
1 piece freshturmeric (take care, it can leave strong stains - or use turmeric powder)
red pepper flakes
1 pinch ground fennel (if you like fennel)
salt & pepper
1 pinch nutmeg
1 tbsp cornstarch
fresh dill or other herbs you like

prepare the filling:
dice onion and sautée until translucent. peel and grate beetroots. use a separate bowl for the red and yellow beetroot, sprinkle a bit lemon juice on top and stir in the creme fraiche (use half of every ingredient for the red beetroot and the other half for the yellow one). stir in the cornstarch, grate the kaltbach cheese and turmeric - fold in the beetroot and season with salt & pepper, nutmeg and red pepper flakes - stir in the ground fennel seeds.
prepare ravioli:
blend white rice flour, potato flour and guar gum, then add eggs and olive oil, stir with a cooking spoon and continue kneading for some minutes until the dough has a smooth texture - maybe add some water, but just that much, that the dough feels not sticky - otherwise add some flour. shape dough to a round flat bread, and let rest covered in clingfilm for 20min. afterwards quarter the dough and roll out every piece 4 times through the widest adjustment of the pasta machine - fold in half every time - important: by covering the dough pieces all the time with a slightly kitchen towel you avoid it from drying out. roll out the dough thinner until size 2-3 on the pasta machine (adjustment 2-3, because glutenfree dough is a bit less flexibel and can easilier crack. place half of the dough on a slightly floured countertop and arrange quickly the beetroot filling  - about 1 tablespoon per filling.
put the remaining dough on top, press gently, so the air comes out and cut out the raviolis with a ravioli cutter. cook the ravioli in salted water for a few minutes until tender, afterwards fry for moment in butter and fresh herbs. we served the raviolis with figs and dill. bon appétit!

german translation
heute soll es für dieses jahr wohl erstmal der letzte heisse tag in berlin sein und um ehrlich zu sein freuen wir uns richtig auf den herbst. auf all die wunderbaren gewürze, blumen und gemüsesorten die wir mit der jahreszeit verbinden. so ist auch unser heutiges rezept von unserer sehnsucht nach dem herbst inspiriert. wir beide lieben rote beete in fast nur jeder erdenklichen kombination. momentan bevorzuge ich allerdings fast ein bisschen die gelbe beete, sie schmeckt etwas milder und nora verarbeitet sie schon seit jahren jeden spätsommer / herbst in meinem lieblingssalat. dieses mal haben wir sie für unsere füllung dieser leckeren glutenfreien ravioli verwendet. wir wollten schon seit ewigkeiten glutenfreie pasta machen und dachten uns ravioli wären ein guter start.  schon seit jahren habe ich keine ravioli mehr gegessen und habe mich dann um so mehr gefreut, dass die glutenfreie variante so gut gelungen ist. die füllung besteht aus roter und gelber beete, gewürzen, creme fraiche und dem köstlichen "der cremig-würzige" käse von kaltbach*.
der käse ist ganz nach unserem geschmack - nicht zu stark aber trotzdem mit einer charakteristischen note. besonders gut passt er unter anderem übrigens zu früchten, deshalb haben wir uns auch entschieden zu unseren ravioli feigen zu servieren, solch eine köstliche kombination!
als ich mich noch nicht glutenfrei ernähren musste haben ich fast jedes wochenende auf dem markt frische pasta gekauft, es war schon fast wie eine kleine tradition. ich habe wirklich nicht die geringste ahnung warum wir uns schon nicht viel früher an den versuch gewagt haben glutenfreie ravioli zu kochen, da es wirklich nicht so schwierig war wie gedacht. ich freue mich jedenfalls jetzt schon die glutenfreien ravioli am wochenende wieder zu essen und hoffe ihr lasst es euch auch schmecken. 
euch ein schönes wochenende ihr lieben!


glutenfreie ravioli mit roter und gelber beete-füllung

glutenfreier nudelteig
150g helles reismehl
50g kartoffelmehl
2 tl guarkernmehl (oder eine fertig-mehlmischung benutzen)
2 el olivenöl
(1-4 el wasser optional)
3 eier (gr. m/l)
rote beete/gelbe beete-füllung
1 zwiebel
50g geraspelte rote beete
50g geraspelte gelbe beete (oder einfach insgesamt 100g rote beete)
1 zitrone
60-70g kaltbach käse - der cremig würzige*
30g creme fraiche
1 stück frischer kurkuma (achtung: färbt sehr stark; oder kurkuma in pulverform)
1 prise gemahlene fenchelsamen (wer mag)
salz & pfeffer
1 prise muskat
1 el maisstärke
frischer dill o.a. kräuter

füllung vorbereiten:
zwiebel feinhacken und in etwas olivenöl glasig dünsten. rote und gelbe beete schälen und fein raspeln. jeweils in einer eigenen schüssel mit etwas zitronensaft beträufeln und mit der creme fraiche (bei den zutaten immer die eine hälfte für rot und die andere hälfte für gelbe beete verwenden) verrühren. maisstärke unterrühren, kaltbach käse und kurkuma fein raspeln, unterrühren und mit salz & pfeffer, muskat und chilliflocken abschmecken - fenchelsamen unterrühren.
ravioli zubereiten:
reismehl, kartoffelmehl und guarkernmehl mischen, dann eier und olivenöl dazugeben, mit einem kochlöffel verrühren und anschliessend für ein paar minuten zu einem geschmeidigen teig verkneten - evt. etwas wasser hinzufügen, aber nur soviel, dass der teig nicht klebt - ansonsten etwas mehl unterkneten. teig zu einem flachen fladen geformt in frischhaltefolie 20min ruhen lassen. anschliessend teig vierteln und jedes stück 4mal durch die größte einstellung der nudelmaschine drehen - jedesmal zur hälfte falten - wichtig: alle teigstücke immer unter einem leicht feuchten geschirrhandtuch legen, sonst trocknet der teig sehr schnell aus, wodurch er risse bekommt. die teigbahnen dann immer ein stufe schmaler mit der nudelmaschine ausrollen (bis stufe 2 oder 3, da glutenfreier teig nicht so elastisch ist wie weizenteig reisst er schneller, deswegen reicht stufe 2-3).
die hälfte der bahnen auf eine arbeitsplatte legen und zügig die füllung teelöffelweise darauf verteilen. die übrigen bahnen darüber legen, vorsichtig andrücken, sodass die luft entweicht und mit einem ausstecher raviolis ausstechen. ravioli in salzwasser ein paar minuten gar kochen und zum schluss in etwas butter mit ein paar kräutern anbraten. wir haben die raviolis mit feige und dill serviert. bon appétit!


gluten free plum cake with coconut blossom sugar

Sonntag, 4. September 2016

we took these pictures almost two weeks ago but luckily there are still so many plums on the trees left, so it calls for more plum cake soon!
i just love this season, when you can almost smell autumn in the air but are still able to enjoy the last days of summer. both days we were shooting these pictures were simply wonderful. the light was so stunning, no matter which time it was. we picked the plums in the morning and even if it was pretty cold that day the sun was shining when we walked through the wet grass. a day later nora baked this gluten free plum cake and we enjoyed it in our neighbours garden. of course we set the table next to a plum tree :) it was already in the evening when we finally took the cake out of the oven, and the early evening light was so magical again! after a very quick shoot we sat down, had 2 big pieces of this cake  each and watched collin and his sweet little "girlfriend" emma playing around in the garden. these two are just so cute together. but back to the plum cake:  it is just so delicious and we really want to try it with apples, pears and maybe also quinces in some weeks. instead of refind sugar we used coconut blossum sugar which fits really well with the plums. we hope you guys enjoy the cake as much as we did - happy sunday!

delicious glutenfree plum cake baked with coconut blossom sugar
(for a 30cmx40cmcm-ø baking pan)

200g rice flour
100g buckwheat flour
100g cornstarch (or you can use 400g flour in total)
250g soft butter
200g coconut blossom sugar (if you take white or brown sugar you should use a bit less)
4 eggs (size s)
3 tsp organic baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
1 pinch of salt
1 vanilla bean
1,3 kg plums
2 tbsp sugar (to sprinkle on top of the cake)
a few thyme sprigs
1 handful coconut flakes (or grated coconut)
200-400g heavy cream and 1-3tbsp sugar (depends on how many people you serve)

preheat oven to 180°celsius top/bottom heat. rinse plums, half and pit plums - set aside for a moment.
butter your baking pan and line with parchment paper - place the pan in the fridge. beat soft butter, coconut blossom sugar, salt and the vanilla pulp for 5min (with the whisk of your hand mixer). then beat in one egg after the other for 20-30sec. blend rice flour, buckwheat flour, corn starch, baking powder and cinnamon. sieve in 2 portions to the butter-mix and stir in with the dough hook of your hand mixer. spread the batter evenly into the baking pan and arrange the plum halves on the batter - push them just a bit into the batter. bake plum cake for 45min (do the toothpick test), then let the plum cake cool down for 20-30min on a cooling rack -  sprinkle about 2 tbsp sugar on the cake/pums, just when the cake comes out of the oven. whip the heavy cream with a bit sugar and decorate some coconut flakes and thyme leaves on top of the cake. serve the plum cake lukewarm with the whipped cream.

german translation
diese fotos sind zwar schon vor fast zwei wochen entstanden aber zum glück hält die pflaumensaison ja noch ein weilchen an und wir haben auch noch einige an den bäumen. ich liebe diese jahreszeit sehr, der herbst liegt schon in der luft aber man kann noch die letzten warmen sommerlichen wochen genießen.
beide tage an denen wir die bilder fotografiert haben waren einfach wunderbar! das licht war fast zu jeder zeit überwältigend - morgens haben wir die pflaumen gepflückt und auch wenn es ein ziemlich kalter tag war hat uns die sonne so schön ins gesicht geschienen als wir durchs nasse gras gestapft sind. am nächsten tag hat nora dann diesen köstlichen glutenfreien kuchen gebacken und wir haben ihn im garten unserer nachbarn - gleich neben einem wunderschönen pflaumenbaum - genossen. es war schon abends als nora den kuchen endlich aus dem ofen geholt hat und das licht war einfach wieder umwerfend. nach einem kurzen shooting haben wir uns beide zwei große stücke vom kuchen genehmigt und collin und seiner kleinen freundin emma beim spielen zugeschaut. die beiden sind einfach zu süß zusammen!! aber zurück zum pflaumenkuchen: der schmeckt wirklich köstlich und ihr müsst ihn unbedingt probieren! wir wollen ihn in den kommenden wochen auch noch mal mit äpfeln, birnen und vielleicht auch quitten backen, mal schauen wie das gelingt. den pflaumenkuchen haben wir jedenfalls mit kokosblütenzucker versüßt, wir lieben die kombination von kokos und pflaumen sehr und den karamelligen geschmack von kokosblütenzucker sowieso. wir hoffen euch wird der kuchen genauso gut schmecken wir uns - habt noch einen wunderbaren sonntag ihr lieben!
glutenfreier zwetschgenkuchen vom blech mit kokosblütenzucker
(für eine 26cm-ø springform)
200g reismehl
100g buchweizenmehl
100g speisestärke (maisstärke; oder insg. 400g mehl verwenden)
250g weiche butter
200g kokosblütenzucker (bei weissem oder braunem zucker etwa 30g weniger verwenden)
4 eier (gr. s)
3 tl weinsteinbackpulver
2 tl zimt
1 prise salz
1 vanilleschote
1,3 kg pflaumen
2 el zucker (zum bestreuen)
ein paar thymianzweige
1 handvoll kokosstreifen (oder kokosflakes oder -raspeln)
200-400g schlagsahne und 1-3el zucker (je nachdem für wieviele personen man serviert)

ofen auf 180°C ober-/unterhitze vorheizen. pflaumen waschen, halbieren und entsteinen - kurz beiseite stellen. den boden des backblechs buttern und mit backpapier auslegen; kurz in den kühlschrank stellen. weiche butter, kokosblütenzucker, salz und das mark der vanilleschote 5min mit dem handmixer (rührbesenaufsätze verwenden) aufschlagen. anschliessend ein ei nach dem anderen 20-30sek unterschlagen. reismehl, buchweizenmehl, speisestärke, weinsteinbackpulver und zimt mischen, in 2 portionen dazusieben und mit den knethaken des handmixers unterrühren. teig gleichmäßig auf dem backblech verteilen und pflaumenhälften schuppenartig anordnen und ganz leicht hineindrücken. pflaumenkuchen für 45min backen (stäbchenprobe machen), dann auf einem kuchengitter 20-30min abühlen lassen - etwa 2el zucker auf dem kuchen/pflaumen verstreuen, wenn der kuchen direkt aus dem ofen kommt. schlagsahne mit etwas zucker aufschlagen und pflaumenkuchen mit kokosstreifen und etwas thymian dekorieren. kuchen am besten leicht lauwarm mit schlagsahne servieren.

simple & glutenfree carrot cake inspired by the new novel "kitchens of the great midwest" by j. ryan stradal

Sonntag, 28. August 2016

a few days ago we took the car to denmark to pick up some vintage furniture. during the long ride laura read the new novel by j. ryan stradal "kitchens of the great midwest"to me and not only the time of the 10h ride flew, but also we got a big appetite for carrot cake. the novel is published by the german "diogenes verlag"* and the publisher asked us a while ago, if we would like to read the novel and want to post a recipe from the book on our blog. a novel with recipes - how can you imagine that? already when we first held the hardback in hands, we were immediately impressed by the beautiful design and cover, because you not only eat with your eyes, but in this case you also read with them.
in several chapters the life of the sympathetic protagonist eva thorwald is described...who are her parents, how her father has made her already familiar with different tastes when she was a baby, that eva as a child planted her own chili peppers in her wardrobe and as an adult developed an extraordinary taste and passion for food.
all chapters are written from the perspectives of eva, her relatives and other people she met briefly,
and follow a certain chronology and overlap repeatedly, so you not only may follow eva thorwald's  life, but also that of the others,  which is very refreshing, because they are so wonderful different in their life situations and characters. the connection between everyone is eva, the food and a great humor, which sweetens the reading, despite of some sad moments in the book. And somehow in the end you always feel -despite of different characters- a touch of sympathy for everyone.
laura and I will read the last pages together today and are a little sad, that it's over then, but certainly there will wait many other beautiful books for us and definitely this one will get a nice place in the bookshelf, not only because it looks so charming.
we warmly recommand this book to all foodies, who like reading.
as already mentioned, we had to bake immediately the carrot cake, when we were back from denmark. it is fairly easy and not only we loved how delicious this carrot cake is. sometimes the simple things are the best - just like "mom's carrot cake," a cup of tea and a good book.

carrot cake
(the recipe is a bit modified version from the recipe of the book "kitchens of the great midwest" by
j. ryan stradal)

ingredients (for a 20cmx34cm cake pan, or a  28cm-ø springform pan):
350g cane sugar
350ml vegetable oil
4 eggs
240g rice flour
2 tsp organic baking powder
1 tsp salt
3 tsp cinnamon
300g carrots, grated
100g walnuts, chopped
1 tsp vanilla extract (or 2 vanilla beans)
75g soft butter
150g cream cheese
500g confectioners´sugar
some leftover grated carrots
1 handful walnuts
1-2 tbsp chopped pistachios

preheat oven to 360°F (in the original recipe from the book is said 320°F, but for our oven 360°F was perfect). butter and flour the cake pan (or butter and line the cake pan with parchment paper as we did) - place the cake pan in the fridge for a moment. grate carrots. beat vegetable oil, eggs, cane sugar, salt and vanilla extract for 1min. blend rice flour, organic baking powder and cinnamon and stir in the oil-sugar-mix. fold in the grated carrots, then the chopped walnuts. fill the batter into the cake pan and bake the carrot cake for 45min (make the toothpick test). let the carrot cake cool down completely on a cooling rack. for the frosting sift first the confectioners´sugar. beat the soft butter for 1min and stir in the confectioners´sugar in 3 portions, in the end stir in cream cheese. spread the frosting on the carrot cake and sprinkle a bit grated carrot on top. decorate with chopped walnuts and pistachios.

german translation
vor ein paar tagen sind wir mit den auto nach dänemark gefahren um ein paar vintage möbel abzuholen und während der langen fahrt hat laura mir aus dem neuen roman "die geheimnisse der küche des mittleren westens" von j.ryan stradal vorgelesen und die 10h autofahrt sind nicht nur im flug vergangen, sondern haben auch einen grossen appetit nach möhrenkuchen geweckt. der roman ist beim diogenes verlag* erschienen und der verlag hat uns vor einer weile gefragt, ob wir den roman gerne lesen und in einem blogpost ein rezept aus dem buch* vorstellen möchten. ein roman mit rezepten - wie kann man sich das vorstellen? schon als wir das hardcover das erste mal in den händen hielten, waren wir sofort angetan vom schönen design und einband, denn nicht nur das auge isst mit, sondern in diesem fall liest es auch mit. 
in mehreren kapiteln wird die geschichte der sympathischen hauptfigur eva thorwald beschrieben...wer ihre eltern sind, dass ihr vater sie als baby schon mit verschiedensten geschmäckern bekannt gemacht hat, dass sie als kind chillis in ihrem kleiderschrank anpflanzte und sie als erwachsene einen ausserordentlichen geschmackssinn entwickelte und die leidenschaft für gutes essen. die einzelnen kapitel sind aus der perspektive von eva, ihren verwandten, bekannten oder indirekten kontaktpersonen von eva geschrieben, die einer gewissen chronologie folgen und sich immer wieder überschneiden, sodass man nicht nur das leben eva thorwald´s folgen kann, sondern auch dem der anderen, was sehr erfrischend ist, da sie sich in ihren lebenslagen und charakteren so wunderbar unterscheiden. die verbindung zwischen allem ist eva, das essen und der wundervolle humor, der das lesen versüsst, obgleich es auch einige traurige momente im buch gibt. und irgendwie empfindet man am ende trotz unterschiedlichster charaktere immer eine prise sympathie für alle.
laura und ich werden heute noch die letzten seiten gemeinsam lesen und sind etwas traurig, dass es dann vorbei ist, aber es warten sicherlich noch viele andere schöne bücher auf uns und auf jeden fall kriegt das buch einen schönen platz im bücherregal, nicht nur weil es so charmant aussieht. 
wer ein foodie ist und gerne liest, dem sei dieses buch wärmstens empfohlen.
wie schon erwähnt, mussten wir natürlich sofort das möhrenkuchen-rezept ausprobieren als wir zurück aus dänemark waren. es ist ziemlich einfach und nicht nur wir waren begeistert wie lecker der saftige kuchen schmeckt. manchmal sind die einfachen sachen die besten - so wie "mom´s möhrenkuchen", eine tasse tee und ein gutes buch.

glutenfreier carrot cake / möhrenkuchen
(leicht abgewandeltes rezept aus dem diogenes´buch "die geheimnisse der küche des mittleren westens")

zutaten (für eine 20cmx34cm eckige springform, oder 28cm-ø runde springform):
350g rohrzucker
350ml rapsöl
4 eier
240g reismehl
2 tl weinsteinbackpulver
1 tl salz
3 tl zimt
300g möhren, geraspelt
100g walnüsse, gehackt
2 vanilleschoten (oder 1 tl vanilleextrakt)
75g weiche butter
150g frischkäse * (doppelrahmstufe;)
500g puderzucker
ein paar übriggebliebene möhrenraspeln
1 handvoll walnusskerne
1-2 el gehackte pistazien

* für unsere deutschsprachigen leser: anstelle 150g frischkäse 250g frischkäse verwenden, diesen vorsichtig mit hilfe eines passiertuchs/küchentuch vorsichtig, aber gut auswringen und dann 150g abwiegen - sonst kann es passieren, dass der guss zu weich wird; der amerikanische frischkäse (cream cheese) zum backen ist wesentlich fester - ähnlich wie mascarpone von der konsistenz

ofen auf 175°C vorheizen (im originalrezept sind es 160°C, aber für unseren backofen waren 175°C perfekt). eine rechteckig springform fetten und mehlen (oder wie wir fetten und mit backpapier auslegen) - kurz in den kühlschrank stellen. möhren raspeln. rapsöl, eier, zucker, salz und vanillemark 1min mit dem handmixer/rührbesen gut verrühren. reismehl, weinsteinbackpulver und zimt mischen und zum rapsöl-zucker-ei-mischung geben und gut verrühren. möhrenraspel unterheben, dann die walnussstückchen. teig in die springform füllen und für 45min backen (hilzstäbchentest machen). kuchen auf einem kuchengitter abkühlen lassen. für den guss puderzucker sieben. weiche butter 1min mit dem handmixer auschlagen, dann den puderzucker in 3 portionen dazugeben und unterrühren (bleibt relativ bröselig). frischkäse unterrühren. guss auf dem möhrenkuchen verstreichen, mit möhrenraspeln, gehackten und ganzen walnüssen und pistazien dekorieren.


our new ikea kitchen in the countryside

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

some of you may have already noticed, that we have renovated a little flat in the countryside this summer. we always have spent a lot of time in the surroundings of Berlin and even lived there half of the time. even if we are both born in berlin there is nothing more essential and inspiring than nature to us. when we started working together we even had our studio in the countryside for a long time.  because of some family circumstances we had to look for a new place this summer and after a brief frustration, suddenly everything happened very quickly. 
the apartment is in the house of friends and as there hasn't lived anyone for 10 ten years we had to do a complete makeover.  many elements in the house have been preserved, as we wanted to keep some rough aesthetics. Today we'll show you one of our favorite place of the house - the kitchen.

a gathering for villeroy & boch: glutenfree kohlrabi pizza with beans & courgette from the garden

Montag, 15. August 2016

we almost spend the whole last week in the countryside and next to some renovation work (nearly done!!) we enjoyed this wonderful gathering in our dear friends garden. it really is a magical garden with all kind of fruit trees you can imagine, a lot of different vegetables and beautiful flowers. 
for our little gathering we teamed up with villeroy&boch* again. we just love their products and got excited when we saw that they launched a new pizza collection* with beautiful wooden elements.  we especially love the big pizza plate* with four little porcelain plates to serve the pizza pieces with, such a great idea, check it out guys! 
i think it's not so easy to make a really good gluten free pizza, particularly if you can't eat many tomatoes like me. when nora came up with this kohlrabi pizza last summer i was totally surprised.  i'm not the biggest fan of kohlrabi usually, but this gluten free pizza got me at the first bite. we topped it with a homemade pepper sauce, runner beans and courgette from the garden - such a delicious combination! we hope you guys enjoy the recipe and have a lovely day!
ingredients (for a 32cm-ø pizza pan)
about 700-800g peeled kohlrabi (about 3 large kohlrabi)
2 eggs (size large)
60g buckwheat flour
1,5 tsp organic baking powder
225g finely grated cheese (gouda or another semi-soft to firm cheese)
3 tsp pizza spice (or italien spice or similar spice blend)
1-2 tsp sea salt
1 dash of nutmeg
1 medium sized courgette (or 1 small yellow and 1 small green courgette)
1 handful runner beans
1 corncob
1 medium sized red onion
2 tbsp olive oil
sea salt
basil or another herb
pepper-sauce (you can also use tomato sauce or a pesto)
2 red pointed pepper
1 garlic clove
1 red onion, small
1/2 dried chili pepper (oder chillipulver/cayenne-pfeffer)
1 tsp paprika powder
1 tsp honey
1 tsp vegetable stock powder
1 small glass water
salt & pepper
1 tsp cornstarch

pepper sauce
chop onion, garlic and chili pepper finely and sauté in olive oil and together with the paprika powder in for 2-3min. meanwhile chop the red pointed peppers into small dices and add to the pan, sauté for 2min. 
mix the vegetable stock powder with hot water in a smaller glass and deglaze the pepper sauce with it. 
cook the sauce for 10min and season with salt & pepper, add honey in the end. purée sauce - not too long, it should look more like pesto instead of ketchup. heat the sauce again, mix the cornstarch with 1-2 tbsp water and thicken the sauce with it.
prepare the kohlrabi crust and do the topping
peel and quarter kohlrabi, cook for about 15min until tender, but not too soft. place in a sieve and let cool down for 15min. grate the kohlrabi coarsely, then drain off most of the water - wrap portion by portion into a kitchen towel and wring out carefully. fill grated kohlrabi into a bowl and fold in pizza spice, salt and nutmeg. fold in the cheese, then the eggs (whisked a bit before) - the best is to do everything by hand, so all ingredients get mixed evenly. blend buckwheat flour and baking powder and knead in. preheat ofen to 200°celsius top/bottom heat. grease and flour a pizza pan. spread the kohlrabi crust evenly on the pizza pan and prebake the crust for 15min. meanwhile cook the corncob and runner beans in salt water just before done - trim the edges of the runner beans before - and refresh the runner beans afterwards. cut or grate courgette in very fine slices. cut onion into rings. take out the crust from the oven and spread pepper sauce on the crust, then top with courgette slices, runner beans, corn and onion rings. sprinkle some sea salt and olive oil on top. bake pizza for 10-15min until the courgette is tender. serve pizza with fresh basil or other herbs. along with the pizza we served small bowls with olives, sour creme, homemade pizza oil and sea salt.

german translation
wir haben fast die ganze letzte woche auf dem land verbracht und neben ein paar letzten renovierungsarbeiten (jetzt sind wir wirklich endlich so gut wie fertig!!) haben wir dieses wunderbare dinner im garten unserer freunde genossen. es ist wirklich ein besonderer garten, mit allerlei obstbäumen, verschiedenen gemüsesorten und zauberhaften blumen.
für unser kleines dinner haben wir uns wieder mit villeroy&boch* zusammengetan. wie ihr vielleicht schon im letzten jahr mitbekommen habt, lieben wir ihr porzellan sehr und haben uns riesig gefreut als wir die neue pizza kollektion* mit wunderschönen elementen aus holz entdeckt haben, da wir gerade im sommer gerne selbstgemachte pizza essen. besonders gefällt uns die große pizza platte* von der sich jeder gast sein pizzastück von einem kleinen porzellan teil nehmen kann, so eine raffinierte idee!
eine richtig gute glutenfreie pizza zu backen ist gar nicht so einfach, vor allem wenn man wie ich nur in kleinsten mengen tomaten essen kann. als nora im letzten jahr zum ersten mal eine kohlrabi pizza gemacht hat, war ich positiv überrascht. eigentlich bin ich nämlich nicht der größte kohlrabi-fan, aber in dieser variante war es liebe auf den ersten blick bzw. auf den ersten happen. wir haben die pizza mit einer hausgemachten paprika-soße und bohnen und zucchini aus dem garten belegt, wirklich eine köstliche kombination! wir hoffen euch wird die pizza genauso gut schmecken wie uns - habt einen schönen tag ihr lieben!

glutenfreie kohlrabi-pizza mit zucchini & bohnen aus dem garten

zutaten (für eine 32cm-ø pizza)
etwa 700-800g geschälter kohlrabi (etwa 3 große knollen)
2 eier (gr. l)
60g buchweizenmehl
1,5 tl weinsteinbackpulver
225g fein geriebener Gouda (mittelalt,o.ä.)
3 tl pizzagewürz (oder italienische gewürzmischung o.ä.)
1 tl meersalz-salz
1 prise muskat
1 mittelgrosse zucchini (oder 1 kleine gelbe und 1 kleine grüne zucchini)
1 handvoll bohnen
1 maiskolben
1 mittelgrosse rote zwiebel
2 el olivenöl
basilikum o.ä.
paprika-sosse (man kann auch tomatensosse o. ein pesto verwenden)
2 spitzpaprikas
1 knoblauchzehe
1 kleine rote zwiebel
1/2 getrocknete chillischote (oder chillipulver/cayenne-pfeffer)
1 tl paprikapulver edelsüss
1 tl honig
1 tl brühe (pulver)
1 kleines glas wasser
salz & pfeffer
1 tl speisestärke

zwiebel, knoblauchzehe, chillischote fein hacken und in etwas olivenöl zusammen mit dem paprikapulver 2-3min anschwitzen. währenddessen die paprikas in sehr kleine würfel schneiden und hinzufügen, 2min anschwitzen. die brühe in ein kleines glas geben und mit heissem wasser verrühren, dann in die pfanne geben. 10min leicht köcheln lassen, zum schluss mit salz & pfeffer abschmecken und honig einrühren. sosse so lange pürieren, dass noch ein paar stückchen übrig sind, dann sosse zurück in die pfanne geben und nochmals erwärmen. 1 tl speisestärke  mit 1-2 el wasser verrühren und sosse damit andicken. abkühlen lassen.
kohlrabiteig zubereiten und pizza backen
kohlrabi schälen und vierteln, etwa 15min bissfest in wasser kochen. in einem sieb 15min abtropfen und abkühlen lassen. kohlrabiviertel grob raspeln, dann in mehreren Portionen in ein sauberes küchentuch einwickeln und das meiste wasser ausdrücken. pizzagewürz, salz und muskat unter den kohlrabi mischen. erst käse, dann die verquirlten eier untermischen. buchweizenmehl und weinsteinbackpulver mischen und unterkneten. ofen auf 200°C ober-/unterhitze vorheizen. pizzablech ölen und mehlen. pizzateig gleichmäßig auf dem blech verteilen und für 15min vorbacken. 
währenddessen maiskolben 15min kochen. salzwasser für die bohnen aufsetzen, enden der bohnen abschneiden und bohnen bissfest kochen und in eiswasser abschrecken. zucchini in hauchdünne scheiben schneiden oder raspeln. die rote zwiebel in ringe schneiden. pizzateig kurz aus dem ofen nehmen, mit paprika-sosse bestreichen, dann mit zucchinis belegen, bohnen, mais und zwiebeln verteilen und etwas olivenöl und salz darüber geben. für weitere 10-15min backen bis die zucchini weich sind. fertige pizza mit frischen, gehackten kräutern servieren.
dazu gab es kleine schälchen mit oliven, sour creme, selbstgemachtem pizzaöl und meersalz.


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