glutenfree carrot cake topped with ginger and sea salt almonds

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

to be honest: this was the first carrot-cake i had in my life. 
not only the first one we made, also the first one i have ever eaten. and i have to say, i don´t know why i waited for such a long time :D i have the feeling i say this every time when nora comes up with a new cake recipe but seriously this is my new favorite glutenfree cake!!
because we are already in a christmas-mood we added some gingerbread seasoning to the frosting and put ginger and roasted almonds on top of the cake. as there is hardly any light these days the pictures turned out very dark, maybe a little bit to dark - but that cake was way to delicious, so we really have to share the recipe with you guys. we hope you have a lovely sunday!

glutenfree avocado pancakes with poached egg & GIVE AWAY

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

first of all, we have a really cool give away on our blog today - two gift cards of the german brand MARLEY SPOON. unfortunately it's only for our readers, who live in germany (but there will be another give away for those, who can´t participate this time soon) so stay tuned!
marly spoon's chefs invent delicious recipes. on their website you can choose the recipes you like and marly spoon will send you all the ingredients and the a recipe card, so the only thing that you have to do is start to cook. we think it´s a really cool concept, especially for people who don´t have that much time and still want to cook with fresh ingredients instead of ordering a pizza. 
marley spoon is gonna be available in the uk and the neatherlands soon, so keep updated.
if you live in germany ALL YOU HAVE TO DO to participate is leave a comment under this post with your email-address until the 15th of november. we draw by lot the winners and inform them via mail. the two gift cards that you can win have each a value of 48 Euros, which means you get 4 servings of the recipe / dish you choose. 

the recipe, that we want to introduce to you today is special as well. it´s very easy and still so delish!!
we have a huge addiction for avocados and also for pancakes. so last weekend we had the idea to combine these two. and i have to say it was a good idea :D
we added hempseeds, so they have a nutty flavour and the poached egg on top just makes everything perfect.  btw we found such a great video on youtube how to get the perfect poached egg, so if you are struggling with it as well have a look here

glutenfree avocado pancakes with poached eggs & caramelized onions

2 ripe avocados
50-100ml milk
120g rice flour
1 tbsp hempseed shelled
1 tsp tartan baking powder 
1 dash of nutmeg
1 dash of salt & pepper
coconut oil
2 eggs
1-2 red onions
1 rosemary sprig
olive oil
1 tsp liquid honey

mash the avocados with a fork in a soup plate and stir in the milk (better start with 50ml milk and add later some more, if the dough turns out to be a bit to firm).
mix in a separate bowl the rice flour, hempseeds, baking powder, nutmeg, salt & pepper. add the avocado-milk-mix to the bowl and stir thorougly with a tablespoon. heat some coconut oil in an iron pan and create pancakes with a tablespoon (each pancake is a full tablespoon of dough - use the tablespoon-back to flatten the pancake-dough). because the dough is egg-free, the pancakes are a bit more unstable then regular pancakes, so be a bit careful, when you flip them. cook every side for about 2min on medium heat until they look crispy.
caramelized onions:
peel onions, cut into thin rings, let cook for 5min (add the rosemary sprig and turn the onions in between). spread the honey on the onion rings and salt. 
heat water in a pot until 180°F. break one egg and put it into a fine mesh strainer and gently swirl it around until all the excess white is strained away. lower the strainer with the egg into the hot water , move it back and forth a little bit, so the egg can slide completely into the water. flip them from time to time with a spoon to make sure, that they cook evenly. cook them for 3-4min, then take them off. 
place some onions on the pancakes, then the poached egg on top. salt and pepper a bit.

german translation
wir haben heute ein richtig tolles GIVE-AWAY für euch.
und zwar verlosen wir 2x einen gutschein von MARLEY SPOON, allerdings nur für all diejenigen, die in deutschland wohnen.
bei marley spoon  kreieren jede woche köche 7 leckere rezepte, die ihr euch auf der website von marley spoon ansehen könnt.
aus diesen rezepten könnt ihr auswählen was ihr gerne kochen möchtet und marley spoon schickt euch die zutaten
(versandkostenfrei!) sowie die dazugehörigen rezeptkarten direkt nach hause. ziemlich praktisch wie wir finden. vor allem, wenn man wie wir, fast jeden tag kocht bzw. kochen muss.
die zwei gutscheine, die es zu gewinnen gibt, sind jeweils im wert von 48 euro, das beinhaltet jeweils vier portionen des entsprechenden gerichts, was ihr euch auswählt. 
also nichts wie los! ALLES WAS IHR TUN MÜSST ist unter diesem post einen kommentar mit eurer emailadresse zu hinterlassen. das give-away läuft bis zum 15. November, dann losen wir die gewinner aus und benachrichtigen euch per mail. viel glück ihr lieben!

natürlich haben wir auch noch ein rezept für euch parat und zwar etwas ganz besonders leckeres!
wie ihr sicher mittlerweile wisst, lieben wir pancakes und avocados. warum also die zwei nicht miteinander kombinieren dachten wir uns letztes wochenende - und ich muss sagen, das war wirklich eine ziemlich gute idee :D
um ein nussiges aroma zu bekommen haben wir den avocadopancakes hanfsamen hinzugefügt und das pochierte ei on top rundet alles ab! also lasst es euch schmecken!

glutenfreie avocado-pancakes mit pochiertem ei & karamellisierten zwiebeln

2 reife avocados
50-100ml milch
120g reismehl
1 el geschälte hanfsamen
1 tl weinsteinbackpulver 
1 prise muskat
1 prise salz & pfeffer
2 frische eier
1-2 rote zwiebeln
1 rosmarinzweig
1 tl flüssiger honig

die avocados in einem tiefen teller mit einer gabel zerdrücken und die milch unterrühren (lieber mit etwas weniger milch anfangen und später, falls die konsistenz des teigs zu fest ist, noch etwas unterrühren). in einer separaten schüssel mehl, hanfsamen, backpulver, muskat und salz & pfeffer miteinander vermischen und anschliessend den avocado-milch-mix untermischen und gut mit einem esslöffel verrühren. in einer eisenpfanne etwas kokosöl zum schmelzen bringen und bei mittlerer hitze mit einem esslöffel den teig zu kleinen pancakes portionieren,  2min von jeder seite knusprig anbraten lassen. da die pancakes ohne ei sind, sind sie etwas instabiler, deswegen etwas vorsichtig beim wenden sein.
karamellisierte zwiebeln:
zwiebeln schälen, in feine ringe schneiden, in etwas olivenöl für 5min anbraten lassen (den rosmarinzweig dazulegen und die zwiebelringe zwischendurch wenden)und zum schluss etwas flüssigen honig darüber verteile. salzen.
einen topf mit wasser aufsetzen und bis kurz vor dem siedepunkt (82°C) erwärmen. jedes ei einzeln aufschlagen, in ein handsieb geben, sodass das überschüssiges eiweiss abtropfen kann (dabei das sieb etwas hin-und herbewegen). das sieb mit dem ei ins heisse wasser tauchen und das ei durch leicht rüttelnde bewegung des siebs ins wasser gleiten lassen. mit einem esslöffel das ei immer wieder bewegen, sodass es von allen seiten gleichmäßig gekocht wird. kochvorgang 3-4min. eier aus dem wasser nehmen, kurz ruhen lassen.
zuerst ein paar karamellisierte zwiebeln auf den pancakes anrichten, das pochierte ei darauf setzen und mit salz und pfeffer bestreuen.

glutenfree pear-tart with rosemary and honey

Samstag, 8. November 2014

we totally missed the pear season this year - all the fruits in our garden on the countryside were already overripe when we wanted to pick them so we made pear puree of them instead :)
but still we wanted to bake something with pears, so we went to our favorite market in berlin, bought some pears, went to the countryside and started to bake. it was our second glutenfree tart and i think it tasted really delish. you just have to be a little bit careful when you cut the tart into pieces because of the glutenfree flour the bottom is not so solid. but as you can see on the pictures nora was careful enough and it worked out perfectly. i love the combination of pear, rosemary and honey - i think i could get used to it that nora bakes it once a week :D
here you go for the recipe. have a lovely weekend everyone!

glutenfree and vegan banana pancakes // all time favorite

Dienstag, 4. November 2014

we thought, that it´s really about time to share our all-time favorite pancake recipe on the blog.
we post so many pancake pictures on instagram and we eat these vegan and glutenfree banana pancakes at least once a week :)
the topping always changes: this time we ate them with figs, but of course all kind of fruits, especially berries, taste delicious  with the pancakes.
what i really like about the recipe is, that it´s glutenfree and vegan. i think, it can be quite challenging sometimes to combine those two, but in this case it´s very easy and it works perfectly. because we are already in a christmas-mood (don´t blame us, it´s never to early for chrismas, right?!) we added a little bit gingerbread seasoning, but of course you can leave it or exchange it with cinnamon.
we were at the countryside with our dear friend ezgi, when i took these pictures.
it was a beautiful morning light on that day, so i just couldn´t resist and took these pictures very qick and spontaneously
(that´s why there are just 3!), because everyone was hungry and wanted to eat :D 

glutenfree caramel fig cake with carnberry jam

Samstag, 1. November 2014

time is running this year. i feel like i say this every year but nevertheless, this year went by extra fast. 
we even forgot the birthday of our blog!! 
our very first blog entry was on the 22 of june. but as laura was still studying photography and was preparing her final exhibition we didn´t really had time. so actually, we mark the beginning of our  blog in november 2013, when laura finished her studies and we really had the time to concentrate and work together. 
so HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY dear blog!! 
we made an extra special birthday cake for you (and for ourselves and for our dear friend ezgi, who we spend the weekend with, when i was baking the cake). 
of course the cake is glutenfree and this time also low on histamine. it´s filled with caramel and cranberry-marmelade and it is topped with fresh figs. 
i promise you, this is our new favorite cake, seriously!! the dough is very fluffy, because we made a sponge mixture and even if it contains cream and caramel you don´t feel heavy after eating one (or two) piece(s) of cake. with ezgi we went to the countryside together and as it was the perfect autumn weather we decided to eat the cake outside just a few minutes away from our house. i think we went out a little bit too late that day, because when we finally started photographing the cake, it was quite dark at once (we forgot about the time change) but still it was totally worth it! 
enjoying these last sunny and even a little bit warm days of autumn and being still able to sit outside feels always special. a delicious cake on top of it makes it even better. 
we hope you have a lovely weekend guys! 


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