homemade elderberry-syrup

Montag, 8. September 2014

spending time on the country-side is such a pleasure. i already loved it as a child and the older i get, i cherish it even more. it´s so nice to pick apples, pears and what else just right away from the trees.
so last weekend it was time to pick elderberrys as some were already ripe. we decided to make an elderberry-syrup of them, because you can use it for so many delicious meals. first of all we enjoyed the syrup with a smoothie but i´m sure we gonna use it for much more other recipes. what we also love about the elderberrys is not, that they just taste delicious, they are also very healthy, because they contain a lot of vitamine c and empower the body´s defences. so go for it! the time that you can pick the elderberrys is nearly over :)

glutenfree pasta with chanterelles and tahini-cream-sauce

Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

we really have to tell you about the new glutenfree noodles we discovered.
i have no idea when i had fettuccine or any other ribbon noodles the last time, maybe i already forgot that they exist. 
but a few weeks ago, during grocery shopping, nora and i discoverd the glutenfree pasta from ppura, and yes they have fettuccine in their sortiment!! i was so excited and immediately texted ilenia (she is gluten intolerant too). also the ingredients are perfect: only cornflour, riceflour and eggs.    no other weird ingredients that you even can´t even pronounce.
we decided to make the pasta with chanterelles because we just read that these are the only mushrooms that might be tolerated due to a histamine-intolerance. i´m always careful about mushrooms cause you read so many different opinions about it. but now that autumn is almost there and mushrooms are in every organic supermarket i could not resist. and i have to say i felt quite well after eating the chanterelles. i will definatly try them again, so let´s see. do you have any experiences with mushrooms while being histamine-intolerant?
and what we are really excited about as well is our new plate from dirk aleksic. we will definitely show you more of his beautiful tableware soon.


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