glutenfree white mousse au chocolate cake

Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

lovely tina from the blog tina´s tausendschön invited us for a great blogger-event. if you don´t know her blog yet, you should really go for it!
the idea was to create a dish that would fit perfectly on a white dinnertable. 
for every dinner you need a dessert, right?! so nora and i thought what could be better than white chocolate.
and this white chocolate mousse cake really is special. seriously: it was the best cake i ate since a while. really good job nora!! 
while we where shooting this cake we have been on the country-side with our friends marta and tomasz. so they where lucky enough to try the cake as well and i´m pretty sure they liked it so much as i did. actually we where eating the whole weekend and basicly every dish was SO good - but thats another story. 
so speaking again about the cake: the plum filling and the cherries on top give that certain something to it and if you are a lover of white chocolate you just really need to try it!

ingredients (for a 16cm ø springform pan)
125g biscuits (e.g. glutenfree rice-coconut-biscuits from Werz)
60g butter
(1-2tsp maple syrup, who wants)
plum jelly
500g plums
200ml water
15g sugar
1tl agaranta (organic gelling agent)
chocolate mousse
200g couverture chocolate
200ml heavy cream
2 egg whites
100g sugar
1 dash of salt
1 pk agaranta
50-100ml heavy cream
100g slivered almonds
100g couverture chocolate
1 handful cherries

for the cake base fill the biscuits into an airtight bag and crush them with a rolling pin or hammer. 
melt the butter, leave it cooling down for a second and mix then with the crushed biscuit (add the maple syrup as well). fill the "dough" into the springform pan, press it on the bottom and put it for 30min into the freezer. halfen and pit the plums, add them to a pot together with the water and sugar and bring everything to boil. let the plums simmer for 5min and sieve the plum-juice. bring the juice to boil again and let simmer for another 10-15min to condense it. then stir in the agaranta, bring to boil for 2min, take off from the stove, leave cool down for a few minutes and spread the jelly on the biscuit-base. put the springform pan to the fridge until the plum-juice is gelatinized. for the chocolate mousse whip first 100ml heavy cream together with 50g sugar and then whisk the two egg whites together with 50g sugar till stiff. put the whipped cream and the beaten egg whites into the fridge.
chop the couverture chocolate, fill it into a metal bowl and melt the chocolate by placing the bowl into a warm water bath (don't let get water into the bowl! - we took hot water from the tap, boiling water is to hot for white chocolate). now stir the agaranta in the left 100ml heavy cream, bring to boil for 1min and stir the thick agaranta-cream-mix quick in the couverture. fold in gently the beaten egg whites and subsequently the whipped cream. fill the mousse into the springform pan and leave in the fridge for 3-4hours. afterwards whip 50-100ml heavy cream (no sugar needed!), take off the springfrom pan and cover with an angled spatula the sides and top of the cake with a thin layer of whipped cream. leave the cake for a while in the fridge. prepare the cherries: chop 1-2tbsp of the slivered almonds into very small pieces, chop 100g couverture chocolate and melt it again in a hot water bath. dip the cherries one after the other into the couverture and spin them for a few seconds by holding the cherry at its stem (that helps, that the couverture is not getting to thick and the spinning creates a nice pattern on the cherries), toss some of the cherries in the chopped almonds. use a large plate covered with baking paper to place the cherries on it. leave the cherries for a while in the freezer until the couverture got hard. at the end garnish the cherries and maybe some slivered almonds on the cake top.

german translation
die liebe tina vom  tollen blog tina´s tausendschön hat uns zu einem ganz besonderem bloggerevent eingeladen. das thema ist weiß, bzw. es galt ein gericht zu kreieren, dass perfekt auf eine weiße dinnertafel passt. jede dinnertafel braucht bekanntlich auch ein dessert und nora & ich dachten uns sofort: was könnte da besser passen als weiße schokolade!
und diese kleine weiße mousse au chocolate torte ist wirklich richtig lecker!! ganz im ernst, ich habe lange nicht mehr eine so köstliche torte gegessen (und ich bin wirklich ein süßschnabel!)
als wir die torte geshootet haben, waren wir gerade mit unseren freunden marta und tomasz und auf dem land. die beiden glückspilze  konnten also gleich von der torte probieren und glaubt mir, sie waren nicht weniger begeistert als ich. die pflaumen füllung und die kirschen on the top geben der kleinen torte noch das gewisse etwas und falls ihr - so wie wir - liebhaber weißer schokolade seid, müsst ihr sie einfach probieren!! also nichts wie los, das deutsche rezept & noch ein paar mehr bilder gibt es heute bei unserer lieben tina.

22 Kommentare:

  1. That is really a terrific job Nora! And such beautiful pictures, ladies!


  2. Ihr glaubt gar nicht, wie gerne ich jetzt ein Stückchen davon kosten würde!
    Liebe Grüße, Jana

    1. würden glatt teilen ;) danke dir liebe jana!!

  3. This is really a good job indeed, Nora!! This cake looks so sophisticated with all the layers it deserves its own event. I am going to try to make it during the holiday.
    What a wonderful creation, and yes, love your photos as always. You guys rock!!!

    1. thank you a lot for your lovely words my dear pang! makes us so happy. let us know how the cake worked out :)

  4. Toller Kuchen und tolle Fotos... wie immer :-)

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  5. Yes!! I've been excited about this since I saw a peek of it on Marta's blog! So beautiful and so striking -- and very distinctively OFS :) It looks delicious. So happy you all had a fun, food-filled weekend!

    1. oh thank you so much for your lovely words dear cynthia! oh yes, it was a food filled weekend indeed :D

  6. Oh, das sieht grandios aus! Möglicherweise sollte ich meine Kuchenpläne für's Wochenende nochmal überdenken...

    1. vielen dank dir!! oh ja, mach das mal & sag bescheid, wie er dir geschmeckt hat!! :)

  7. Ich steh auf weiße Schokomousse!

  8. Dieser Kuchen sieht zum reinlegen aus. Wie immer... :-)

    Alles Liebe aus der Schweiz

    1. vielen dank dir liebe corinne, das freut uns sehr!! :*

  9. This looks amazing! This looks like the perfect dessert

  10. Wow, das sieht ja toll aus - ein richtiges Schokoträumchen! Und wunderhübsch arrangiert...
    Liebe Grüße,

  11. The covered cherries are incredible!!!

  12. werde ich definitiv bald bald nachmachen! sieht wunderhübsch aus und ich liebe weisse Schokolade!
    Sowieso: ihr habt einen ganz tollen Blog! Grosses Lob!
    Herzlich, Nicole

  13. Love this cake! Been eyeing it all week in the idea that I'll make it this weekend...and thought it was too good not to share so I also included it in our friday faves blogpost today!
    tx! and YUM!

  14. Looks delicious, can't wait to try the recipe! Anna x



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