glutenfree & vegan apple pie

Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

this summer was crazy. first of all we already had redcurrants in the garden when they were not ripe yet everywhere else. then the plums were ripe way to early and now the apples are. they were already falling from the trees 2 weeks ago!! i have no idea what is going on, but i don´t mind. it´s never to early for apples! so we baked three apple cakes last weekend and the first one we will show you today: a glutenfree & vegan apple be honest: laura risk her neck for one particular picture (i guess you know which one) and no, she was not climbing on an apple tree (almost). it was just a ladder, but a really dangerous one!! you know, those ladders which are always shaking and you are in fear all the time standig on it...but she is a brave girl, so she made it and i´m glad that my girlfriend is still alive (i was holding the ladder so strongly you can´t believe!) 
but to speak about the apple pie again: i guess it was the best reward to have a delcious piece of it after this dangerous shooting :D 
due to the glutenfree flour the pie is a little bit crumbly from the outside, but very juicy inside. we hope you enjoy!

glutenfree red currant cake with almonds

Sonntag, 24. August 2014

sundays are made for cake, don´t you think so? 
here you go for a delicious glutenfree red currant cake with almonds. 
we already made that cake last week and actually we also wanted to photograph it for the blog...but we almost finished the whole cake before we had the chance to take some pictures...oops! :D
so this was our second try and finally it worked. we almost ate the whole cake again, but this time after, right?!
almonds and sometimes also cashews are the only nuts laura can tolerate - at least there are some! Does anyone of you guys can tolerate almonds as well, even with a histamine intolerance? 
anyways, we hope you enjoy this cake! happy sunday guys!

stuffed eight ball zucchini with millet, olives and creamy goat cheese

Freitag, 15. August 2014

we just recognized that we posted a lot of sweet recipes recently. maybe it´s just because of summertime...i mean you have to deal with all the delicious fruits, right?! but now it was about time to show you something salty again.
we just couldn´t resist to buy this eight ball zucchini when we saw it in the organic supermarket. first of all it already looks beautiful, don´t you think so?! also laura & i love to eat zucchini and you can fill the round ones perfectly. if you are looking for a nice recipe for the weekend this is it! seriously it was really delicious!! so happy weekend guys & enjoy!

glutenfree white mousse au chocolate cake

Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

lovely tina from the blog tina´s tausendschön invited us for a great blogger-event. if you don´t know her blog yet, you should really go for it!
the idea was to create a dish that would fit perfectly on a white dinnertable. 
for every dinner you need a dessert, right?! so nora and i thought what could be better than white chocolate.
and this white chocolate mousse cake really is special. seriously: it was the best cake i ate since a while. really good job nora!! 
while we where shooting this cake we have been on the country-side with our friends marta and tomasz. so they where lucky enough to try the cake as well and i´m pretty sure they liked it so much as i did. actually we where eating the whole weekend and basicly every dish was SO good - but thats another story. 
so speaking again about the cake: the plum filling and the cherries on top give that certain something to it and if you are a lover of white chocolate you just really need to try it!


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