red currant ice-cream

Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

we already told you that we can´t get enough ice-cream, right?!
so here you go for another one! this time with red currants instead of figs. laura´s lovely father gave us such a nice ice-cream maker! so of course we had to test it and make more ice-cream immediatly :) it was so good and the white chocolate made it even more delicious. have you heard that people with a histamine-intolerance can tolerate white chocolate? do you have experiences with that? since we read about it, laura always tries to eat a little bit white chocolate and so far she feels pretty well.

mini frozen yoghurt cakes

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

so many people asked us for the recipe for this small iced cake we posted on our  instagram account.
it´s basicly the same recipe as the big iced cake, we posted a few weeks ago but these little cakes are easier to prepare. we used greek yoghurt with sugar but of course you can also use a fruit yoghurt if you want to have a more fruity taste.
again you can see the beautiful porcelain of claudia schoemig here. nora and i fell so in love with those beautiful vases and i think they match quite well together with our little iced cake.
here you go for the recipe!

fig-ice-cream with white chocolate

Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

it has been crazy hot in berlin the last days, it was so nice!! the only thing that you could do, was eating ice cream...actually the whole day. we got so much used to all this ice cream that now, even if it´s raining in berlin, we need to have at least one per day :) this one is a little bit special. if you really like figs, you will love it, i´m sure! for us it was the first time, eating fig ice cream and to be honest, it was a little bit strange in the beginning, but then we couldn´t get enough. i can imagine, that it tastes quite well with red currants too. so if you are curious go for the fig version, if not, try it with red currants (or any other fruit). the small plates and bowls are from lovely claudia schoemig again. check out her beautiful porcelain here.

ingredients: (for ca. 4 ice-cream bars)200g quark/curd200g heavy cream

4-5 figs

75g sugar
200g white couverture chocolate
coconut flakes

cut half of the figs into small pieces and blend the other half. stir the pureed figs in the curd and add the sugar, whip the cream and gently fold it in the fig-curd. add the fig-pieces and stir carefully. fill the mix into the ice-cream-bar-mold and leave in the freezer for at least 4 hours. chop the couverture into small pieces and set 2tbsp aside for later. fill a big bowl with hot tap water, place a smaller (metal) bowl with the couverture pieces in the big bowl (best hold it with one hand) and stir with a whisk long enough until the couverture is melted completely. now fill the couverture in a bit wider glass then the ice-cream-bars are. prepare the coconut flakes, goji-berries and chocolate chunks, take the ice-cream-bars off their mold, dip the bars into the couverture and spread quickly coconut flakes, goji-berries and chocolate chunks on top (the couverture hardens fast, so work quickly). another opportunity is to use a spoon, dip it into the couverture and create ornaments on the ice-cream-bar.

coconut-panna-cotta with currant-jelly & white chocolate flakes

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

we visited family on the country-side for one week now and actually we never want to leave again! it almost felt like paradise...the sun was shining, we had 30 degrees and were collecting tons of  currants in the garden. with all those currants nora made this delicious summer-dessert. here you go for the recipe:

glutenfree iced gooseberry cake

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

finally our iced cake recipe is online!! when you follow us on facebook and instagram you already saw a picture of this gooseberry cake. we made it already two times now and it`s really delicious. 
we got inspired by a strawberry-cake recipe from green kitchen stories but as laura can´t eat strawberries we are always happy when the gooseberry-season finally starts. actually the best thing about this cake is the flan case. in the original recipe it is made with dates, sunflowersseeds and hempseeds, but we replaced the hempseeds with sesame. the beautiful tableware is from 'Claudia Schoemig' again. We are so in love with the geometrical pattern on the plates. we will show you more of her porcelain in the next post. but now let´s eat some cake!

glutenfree gnocchi with green pesto and capers

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

long time no see! our last week has been a little bit crazy, but hey, we are back again! back with a delicious recipe of glutenfree gnocchi. actually the first time i heard that gnocchi are not glutenfree i was quite suprised...i always thought gnocchi are just made out of potatos. but i was wrong! in most of the recipes is always a little bit wheat in it. so we tried to make them with rice flour instead. it was a bit tricky to get the right amount of flour at first but after a while it worked out quite well.
if you follow us on instagram you might have already seen that we collaborated with 'Claudia Schoemig' togehter (we already showed you her lovely store here). Her porcelain is just amazing and we were more than happy to shoot it! so all the tableware you see on the pictures is from 'Claudia Schoemig'.
There will be much more pictures coming - you can already look forward to an iced cake. but let`s start with the recipe for the gnocchi now!

glutenfree vanilla banana bread

Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

today we only show you 3 pictures! more pictures and the english recipe you can find on the online magazine 'why not monday'. as we already told you last month, we will publish a recipe on their site every last monday each month now. 
we promise you that this will be our last banana recipe for a while...i really don`t know what has happened but suddenly we can`t get enough of banana-recipes ;) but if you like banana pancakes for breakfast, this glutenfree banana bread will be a nice variety.
for the shooting we used our lovely plates from frama cph again. take a look at their website they have so many beautiful products.


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