iced coffee with banana ice-cream & caramel-sauce

Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

remember our banana ice cream from the last post? do you liked it? then you will love this iced coffee!!
while we finished our last shooting we recognized that there was a lot of ice-cream and caramel what could be better than serving it with coffee we thought! and we where just tasted so good, you really have to try it guys!

chrunchy banana-caramel ice-cream

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

it really was about time to try banana ice-cream. we saw it in so many different variations on so many blogs now - food bandits - vegans save the world - so we really wanted to create our own version.
if you are vegan just leave the caramel, it will still taste good and chrunchy because of the banana-chips. of course it´s not low on histamine (unless you can tolerate bananas) but of course it´s also glutenfree again! so here you go for the recipe.

glutenfree apple marzipan muffins

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

we think muffins are perfect during summertime! you can make them really quickly and it`s the perfect food for a picnic, cause you even don`t need cutlery.
but because the german summer seems to be already over (where are you sun??) we decided to take a break from all the delicious berries and go for apples instead. this wasn´t a mistake at all, cause they tasted so good!! and aren´t apples and marzipan just the perfect combination?! 
speaking of which: have you ever tried to eat almonds as a histamine-intolerant person? we heard that almonds are the only nuts that might be tolerated. well, if you can eat them go for the marzipan! if not, then just leave it, the muffins will still taste good.

currant sorbet

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

when we were visting family on the country-side we discoverd lots of black- and red currants in their freezer - of course all from the celebrate this, we decided to make a currant sorbet. what could be better and easier?! :)

vipp flower-styling event

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

scroll down for german translation

the danish label vipp (we already told you about it here) invited us and 13 other bloggers from europe to a flower-styling workshop in copenhagen. the whole shop was turned into a flower scenery, where ever you looked at - flowers were everywhere! it was so beautiful!! 
first jette egelund, the owner of vipp, told us the whole story about vipp.  it was very touching and interesting to listen to her (you can see her on photo 3)  and if you want to know more about vipp we really suggest you to watch this video.
then the talented florist louise moestrup showed us how to work with flowers. we learned to make a flower ball and other floral decorations. after that, we styled a vipp bathroom and a vipp kitchen with flowers together in groups. thanks again to 'that nordic feeling' and 'la maison d' anna g'. was so fun to work with you ladies! the photographer anders hviid took pictures of our styling (picture 2, 4 and 6 are photographed by him) and now you can vote for your favourite picture at the vipp instagram account.
in the end of the day we decorated a big dinner table with all the lovely flower decorations we had made earlier and then had a fantastic dinner! thanks again to vipp, it was a great day!

cucumber-ginger drink

Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

we just came back from copenhagen last week (we were at the vipp flower styling event, you can read more about it soon!) and immediatly left berlin again, this time to visit family on the country side.
the weather was perfect and we were just sitting outside, enjoying the sun, drinking this great "summer-refresher" and reading one of our favorite magazines, gather journal. if you have any chance to buy it, go for it! it`s a little bit different to all the food magazine everyone is used too, a bit more arty.
anyway, for hot summer days this cucumber-ginger drink is just perfect and so easy to make. give it a try.

glutenfree swiss roll with berries & white chocolate

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

everyone who follows us on instagram might have already noticed that we have some new ceramics...we were so happy when the danish label vipp sent us two of there beautiful brunch-sets.
we were already fascinated by there pure and functional design  since a long time and today we would like to show you a few pieces. on the pictures you can see the plate with the typical vipp-shape and also a cup from vipp.
in the beginning vipp got famous with their pedal bin, which is a design classic now and is also part of the architecture and design collection in MoMa. step by step they designed more products for kitchen and bathroom and now there is even a kitchen made by vipp. if you want to know more about the history of that charming danish family company, you should watch this video.
the glutenfree swiss roll, which nora baked on the weekend, was very delicious. first i was sceptic if it´s possible to have that typical fluffy consistence of the dough with a glutenfree flour, but it really worked well. we already baked it twice now and can assure, that even without cream it tastes really good. so everyone who can`t tolerate cow milk: just leave the cream! 
we used white chocolate for the first time cause we read a couple of times that white chocolate is tolerated with a histamine intolerance. do you have any experiences with that?


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